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How To Recruit Profitabily With Words

RE: How To Recruit With Words
By Guest Expert: Daegan Smith

I just pulled this question out of the
grab bag and what follows is money in
the bank and recruits in your downline.

The answer to Chris’s question below
will certainly be something you’ll want
to save and refer back to . . .

“Hey Daegan,

I have a question regarding direct
marketing style sales letters.

My company does not currently have that
type of sales letter in its system that
is used to convert prospects into

I am thinking about creating one, and I
am looking for a little advice.

Should the sales letter be focused on
the marketing and training system I have
created for my team, or more about the
benefits of my specific company or both?
If you were going to create a sales page
for your business how would you go about
doing it?”


The King’s Response:

Chris, this is by far one of the best
question I’ve ever received, and the
answer I’m about to spell out to you can
mean many recruits for you and certainly
can mean a lot of duplication for your
team soon afterwards.

Pay close attention . . .

SIDE NOTE:I have no problem revealing
this because, for me, the story has
already been written, now it’s your
chance to leverage what I know for
serious money.

Just a few days ago I was going through
a free report that I downloaded a few
weeks back that will shed some powerful
light on your situation before I give
you the step by step breakdown.

The author of the report was a
professional copywriter working for one
of the most famous copywriting firms in
the world.

This guy was writing a sales letter for
a golf related product for one of this

In the letter, the copywriter referred
to what he THOUGHT was most important to
his market.

He addressed two major frustrations in
the golfing world – hitting the ball
father and eliminating hooks and slices.

Upon completion of the letter the
copywriter took the letter to the big
boss for a final review.

His boss, being on of the most
accomplished copywriters in the world
and having written several high
performing offers for the golf world,
looked at the letter and gave him some
simple advice . . .

“Forget about the slice stuff and focus
the entire letter on hitting the ball
farther. That’s REALLY what the market
is after.”

The copywriter followed the advice of
his boss and made the appropriate
changes and ended up with a winner.

The moral of the story is . . .

Don’t worry about the ancillary stuff.
Deal with the biggest problem and
frustration of the target market and dig
deep on it.

So Chris, what this means to you and I
as network marketers is this, and it’s
important you get this before I go
through the process step by step, forget
about everything in your letter except
solving the main problem of your

In the network marketing world, the
problem always comes back to money.
Solve that and that alone.

To be honest, no one cares about your
companies products for the most part.
All they really want to know is “how”
they are going to make money.

From your prospect’s perspective, if you
give them a good opportunity to solve
their money problems, they can always
rationalize that the product or service
is “good”.

Waste no time describing your product or
why your company is so great, unless it
directly supports how and why your
prospects have the best chance of making
money with it.

Look around both the online and offline
network marketing world and you’ll soon
see very clearly that this is the model
that just about every highly successful
opportunity uses.

So, you use it to. And you think of
yourself as the opportunity NOT your
company, but I’ll explain as we dig
deeper here.

Further . . .

If you remember back to what you were
trained to do when calling leads if
you’ve been through the process you’ll
again realize here – the focus of the
conversation you’re trained to have is
again solving the money issue.


So let’s get to the step by step.

First, you begin with a headline that
addresses the concern of money.

Second, you start your sales letter with
a lead in that either pulls your
audience directly into your story to
both entertain and address again the
concern or you can simply pose a
question that would pull them in deeper
like “If you’re sick and tired of
working pay check to paycheck then pay
attention to everything you’re about to

Next you dig deeper into your story. If
you have a good one be sure to bring up
your real life failures that they can
identify with.


So that when your prospect reads it he
then begins to think “If this guy can do
it after going through all this then so
can if I just know what he knows.”

If you can arouse that sort of curiosity
then you’re on the right track.

Follow this up by bringing up a few
things that they may have learned or
tried in the past and explain why the
only result of following that path is
failure. Be sure to explain exactly why.

Allude to the idea that you’ve found a
way around.

Bring up your biggest “Ah Ha” moment.
The thing that changed everything for

Introduce your solution or system.

Explain why it will work for them where
the others have not. At this point you
can bring up a few details about your
company or compensation plan, but don’t
name names. Keep them curious.

Now it’s probably time for some bullets
about what you have. Provide 30 or so
bullets that keep them curious, but
again don’t give away the farm.

Next it’s time for you to explain
exactly how the process works. Make
whatever it is that you do as simple as
possible from the prospect’s

One that always works if you’re working
from the perspective of never calling
leads again and providing a form of an
online solution is “Just think what it’s
gonna be like when your prospects are
doing exactly what you’re doing right

This is a powerful and an incredibly
enticing mental image to create in your
prospect’s mind. It get’s them to think
into the future as a member of YOUR

Subtle but powerful.

Now it’s time to talk about what makes
you different. Remember anyone can just
go to your company’s website and join so
you have to provide something above and
beyond just get in under me if you’re
looking for a high level of response and
duplication down the line.

Good things to bring up here are that
you provide one on one coaching, live
weekly training on whatever it is you
do, and a team co-op if you decide to
provide one.

Another thing that really helped me was
creating a team marketing guide that
every new member received after joining.
It’s a good idea to think about creating
one for two more reasons. First it
establishes you as leader and second it
takes the huge burden in the way of
training off the shoulders of you and
your future downline.

Instead of having train everyone have
them train themselves by going through
your team training guide and provide
support from that point. Address
questions and concerns and then help
them actually get started after they
know the lay of the land to say.

Next, if you feel comfortable doing so .
. .

Nothing removes more risk from your
prospects shoulders than a strong
guarantee, so here would be the place.

Now it’s time to tell them exactly how
to join you. I don’t know your company
so the method will vary from this point
on, but I think you can figure this one

If you’re incredibly forward create a
video AS WELL – not in place of – the
text to describe the process your leads
need to go through to get access to your
team so nothing is left to chance.

If you have success stories be sure to
add those throughout your letter.

Finally close out.

Provide a PS or two and you’re done.

Now here is what will separate you from
the crowd. You’ve got to go out and test
your letter on your own. If it converts
great! Don’t change a thing.

If not, continue to test and make
changes until it converts profitably for
you. Why?

Well you don’t want to roll out a team
marketing system that doesn’t work so
you’ve got to be sure it works and
converts before you make it something
your team can use as well.

Once you do though, put the pieces in
place to make that system available to
your downline.

Then . . .

Watch the magic of duplication. Sit back
and watch your company checks grow
larger and provide the best support you

That should be enough to get you on the
right track.

But let me emphasize. Your company or my
company DOES NOT matter. Only the
opportunity matters in the eyes of your
prospects so focus your efforts intently
and totally on that end and you will

To the top,

“The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

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