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How to Shorten Your Online Success Learning Curve

“How to Shorten Your Online Success Learning Curve”
Dr. Kevin Polk

Over the years, time management has taken many new forms — one of them being information. It has evolved to a degree in which, now that we live in a knowledge-based society, information can help to drastically shorten learning curves, expedite results, and cut fruitless hours guessing or failing, particularly in business.

However, with the information age comes the unfortunate fact that we’re also drowning in raw, unstructured data. And as such, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to find the right kinds of specific, “nuts-and-bolts” information that are practical to read let alone practical to implement. We simply no longer have the time to skim through all that we come across, which defeats its primary purpose — that of saving time.

As you know I offer my time management services and products on my web site. And in keeping with my continual dedication to provide you with opportunities to help you in your time-saving efforts, I always like to inform you of any developments that might help you save time.

Those of you that have been with me for some time know that I have never endorsed anything but my own products. For that matter, I have yet to advertise anyone else’s product. I have been asked, but I just never felt comfortable advertising something I had not researched let alone used. Also, most of the stuff sent to me had little to do with saving time.

Things have changed, however. I am personally endorsing a private web site that I believe will save you hundreds of hours of work and get you focused on what you need to be doing for your online success. While the information and resources may be found elsewhere or learned otherwise, the quality of the information around on this private site can save you a tremendous amount of energy and money, etc alone time.

The simple fact is that one of the best ways to save time is by finding a great source of tried and tested information, then using your time wisely to put that information into action. I am sure you already know that finding information on how to run a successful online business can literally take hundreds of hours. And when you finally get the information you are not guaranteed that the information you get is any good.

After more than two years of looking I have found a site that has loads of great information that is guaranteed to lead to success… Literally. It’s called the Internet Marketing Challenge (IMC). This site is wonderfully formatted and well written. More important, it’s developed by a highly successful team of Internet marketers (and not just a single person) that share with you their mistakes and successes — that alone can help shave countless hours of wasted effort and unnecessary aggravation.

They tell you exactly what you need to be doing to develop, market, and grow your online business. When you have the information from this site all you need to do is supply a product, a good attitude and your time — and that’s a far lesser quantity of time than you would have otherwise spent learning what it so effectively teaches.

Also, unlike other sites that I have seen like this, the owners just keep adding to the information. It’s an interactive, continually updated, resource filled site.

It’s not just a bit of text here and there, but stuff like:
– Movies,
– Chatrooms,
– Databases,
– Scripts,
– Great links to other resources,
– And much, much more.
My favorite is the discussion board where you get your questions answered by true experts. The depth and quality of information I received about improving my web site astounded me, and the moderators (of which all are experts) do this for every member who asks for a web site review (or anything else that is asked). The advice I got from the discussion board alone was worth my membership cost, and that just scratches the surface of what I get from this site.

In case you are wondering, some of the contributors to this site include Jim Daniels, Dr. Michel Fortin, Donavan Poole, Rachel McAlpine, and Matt Mickiewicz. These are all recognized experts and on this site they SHOW you why they are considered experts. I’m not kidding, you will be amazed by these people.

The great news is that the creators of this site are so sure you will succeed using their information they let you try it risk free for one full year. That’s right, if you’re not successful, tell them within 365 days of joining and you get your money back, no questions asked.

The bottom line is that I am in business to help people save time and use their time wisely to be successful. I know that many of you have the dream of creating a successful online business because you tell me so. I strongly feel that I would be letting you down if I did not tell you about this great site and recommend that you take them up on their risk free offer.

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