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How To Start Your Own EBook Reseller Business

Do you know that some people purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) products and don’t take advantage of all of the income opportunities that may be lurking inside those products? It’s true. Some PLR products have earning opportunities hidden inside their pages and many people fail to realize it.

Don’t waste a golden opportunity you may have by not taking full advantage of the PLR products that may be collecting digital dust on your hard drive. If you have obtained PLR rights to an ebook filled with affiliate links, and have not changed the links to reflect your affiliate information, then you are giving away a potential steady stream of additional income.

One such niche is the health, fitness & wellbeing PLR ebook market. Health has for a long time been one of the top searched for topics at Google. Find out more about Starting your own PLR eBook reseller buisness .
Many people are aware that it is permissible to use their own name as the author of works derived from PLR products, so they go ahead and list their name as the author of the work. Sadly for them, that’s all they do. Some people even know that it is best to change the product in some way to make it unique. That’s an important part of marketing with PLR products, but it’s not enough. If you have private label rights, you may change anything inside that product includingaffiliate links to other products and services. If your PLR license has limitations on what you may change, then it is not really a PLR license and you should avoid that product.

Inside of many PLR products are pages of content containing links to affiliate programs of all kinds. If these links are not changed to reflect your own affiliate information, you will not be able to collect any commission due if the link is clicked and a sale is made. Can you guess who will collect the commission on the sale of any products or services referred? You guessed it! The commission will go to the original creator of the PLR product. This is not to imply that there is something unethical going on here. On the contrary, the creator of the original PLR product was writing about a particular product or service. To include a link to that product or service is an act providing convenience for the reader. Someone will get credit if that link is clicked. It might as well be you, so make sure that if there are affiliate links in the PLR product that you are modifying, you remember to change those links.

You simply need to be aware that it is not enough to just slap your name on a PLR product without changing anything else. If you modify the content to make it unique and change the affiliate links to reflect your affiliate information you will get the full value potential of your PLR products.

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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