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How well do you know your GRN membership

Welcome back to your favorite blog, it is a pleasure and honour to have you on board. Your contribution to make this blog useful is always appreciated. Leave a comment at the end of this posting. Kind regards, Charles Kaluwasha!

Planning your next vacation?

One of the highlights of GRN membership, is the great lengths we go through to seek out and create contracts with beautiful resorts all over the world.

Part of our negotiation involves a price cap of a maximum of $799 for the week, encompassing any time of the year and any size unit.

This is a painstaking, never ending process which ultimately offers you a service unmatched in the industry.

These properties include Shell Vacations Club, Wyndam, Worldmark, Sheraton, Perennial, WIVC, Club Intrawest, Diamond Resorts, and many other top resort destinations.

We have literally hundreds of thousands of “live weeks” available for immediate purchase at any given time- including our newsletter specials, hot weeks, endless holidays, specialty holidays, and our prime weeks.

…and because much of our inventory is actually pre-purchased, you’ll enjoy some of the most highly desired, peak season inventory available anywhere.

“Live weeks” are great. You’ll love them. But if all we offered were live weeks, what kind of choice would we really be offering?

AOL says it best, “It’s only a deal if it’s where you want to go.”

The fact that we have “live weeks” is great, but this pales in comparison to the service we offer through our extensive online registry.

Choosing your resort from the registry, and being able to select your own dates and unit size, is a service two decades in the making.

Researching other “so-called” competitors is great. We believe it will only reinforce the superiority of our membership. Remember, when doing any type of research, always be sure to read the fine print…

1) Are you able to choose the actual resort you want, or are you asked to select general locations instead?
2) What is the turnaround time for customer service to accommodate your request?
3) Do they pre-purchase any of their inventory?
4) Do they charge extra money for specific or special requests?
5) How convenient is it for you to make your bookings? (can you browse/book online)
6) Have they established a price cap for resort stays?

The more you learn about our membership and this industry, the more you’ll realize, there really is no comparison at all.

Enjoy Life!

To Your Success,
Charles Kaluwasha- GRN club member

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