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If you want to succeed, be like a “servant-driven leader”


by | on March 10, 2013

The Lord Jesus demonstrated to his Apostles that if one wanted to be great, he should be willing to be humble and  serve others. As a son of God, he washed the feet of his Apostles and stated, do this to each other, John 13:12.

This shows that if you want to be a leader, you must be willing to “serve others”. There are countless leaders out there who do not demonstrate the teaching of the Lord Jesus.

They do it to enrich their personal glory and suck the wealth of others. They have formed companies to make themselves rich at the expense of the masses. Most companies aren’t worried about “servant driven” leadership but  getting their pockets  fatter.

“As a mater of fact, most companies I’ve  ever been a part of were only concerned
with one thing….
Dave and I, along with all the leaders and all the badasses at Empower know something they don’t know…. “I don’t work, I serve” stated David.”

That my friend, is what it’s all about :-)
These two guys,Dave and David have won the hearts of thousands of ordinary people through out the world have really demonstrated the “servant leadership’ in their quest to help others create an abundance of life they have ever dreamed!

Not because they are wise, it is because they have the heart of serving others. That is why thousands of ordinary people and the gurus are flocking to join their movement.

This is what is expected to be a true servant-driven leader. So if you been misled,mistreated and disappointed in the past, here is another chance to join a movement that is lead by true leaders that have your interest at heart- put money back in your pocket if you follow the blue print and free training models available to you as a member of this movement.

Charles Kaluwasha



Wellington,New Zealand

Dont park in comfort zone

Dont park in comfort zone




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