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INFINii Family Continues to grow


The INFINii Family continues to grow at an astounding rate hitting 60,000 active  members this week, exactly 45 days since they opened. The  increase  has been entirely driven by the tremendous success of ordinary members like you. Here’s what they’re saying…

“Sold the same item 2x once on ebay once on Bonanza $40 profit on ebay and $20 on Bonanza. This stuff works. Prime will get you where you need to upgrade to Surge. Just work what you have, master it and move up.”

 – Ed Snyder, USA

“The INFINii platform is a breath of fresh air. For the first time I have been able to learn the exact method of how to build an ecommerce business properly. It is so simple and fun following the training platform that INFINii provides. Anyone can do this and I actually made my first sale on ebay US within hours of my very first listing. Now a month into it, i have now made over $1000 worth of profit! Thank you INFINii!”

 – Mitch Prouatt, Australia

Mitch Prouatt

The founders  have  been  working  behind  the  curtains, updating  and  perfecting  the  system, including compensation plans that  puts  money  in  the  pockets  of  many members, even the beginners.

This week alone, hundreds of Partners have qualified for higher Rank.

  • Over 300 achieved Manger or higher.
  • 24 achieved Director or higher.
That means 24 members have now created a minimum 5-figure income.
To  learn more, jump on the  next  webinar by  registering on this link

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