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Is new 3-min quiz worthy of the hype? Take it & see.

Yesterday, several thousand people took a unique
3-min quiz developed by Mark Hoverson and his rockstar
marketer friend Jonathan Budd.

If you skim through over the 200+ facebook comments,
and all the buzz…people are actually saying the quiz is:

“able to predict the future”

And I’m not kidding, one person said the
quiz seemed almost “clairvoyant” in it’s ability
to tell people about themselves.

After you take the fun and interesting 3-min quiz,
you instantly see your results. Plus, they will follow
it up with a video that explains why they wrote the
quiz the way they did (hint: one guy said he watched
the video 10 times in a row, and another said he
paid $1K for private coaching but that he learned
more about marketing from the free video and quiz
than he did from his $1K of coaching).

So, I’d like to invite you into the “futuristic marketers” quiz
right now.

Click Here

When you are finished with the quiz, you actually can
enter a little video tournament. If you make a 3-5 minute
video sharing what you learned most from the quiz,
you can get yourself one of 5 shiny new ipads. And
to the best video, we are giving a ticket to our $10K
mastermind in Jonathan’s mansion in San Diego
(it’s 10,000 square feet with a party pool that’s better
than most resorts…aka- this is going to be FUN!)

Oh, and one more thing: people are submitting the coolest
videos. We have one guy who wrote a song, another kid
who was riding his bike to illustrate what he learned…and
more videos are popping up every hour because the prizes
are so epic.

So let’s just start with you taking the quiz, and let us
know what you think in the facebook comments beneath
the video you’ll see after you take the quiz:


Charles Kaluwasha

ps…lots of people are saying Mark’s explanation of why
“emotional lubrication” and the “teleological nature of
our mind” is their favorite part of the whole experience.
You’ll see what I mean after you zoom through the quiz:


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