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Is Your Ad a Sheep or a Lion?

Is Your Ad a Sheep or a Lion?
© Charlie Page

Have you ever wondered why most ads on the internet
fail miserably to get the job done? It’s frustrating,
isn’t it? You pay your money, place your ad and the
result is … underwhelming.

Why? Why do SO many ads fail to get the response we
hope they will get?

The answer lies in an old Arab proverb. The proverb
says …

“An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of
lions led by a sheep.”

When it comes to doing business online, we can
translate that proverb this way …

“It is better to have 100 highly qualified visitors to
your site than 1000 visitors who got there by mistake
or misdirection from a misleading ad”

I’m willing to bet that you are not satisfied with your
results online right now. I’m willing to bet that your
ads are not working well, and that you are not making
the money you hoped online.

And I’m willing to bet that it’s not your fault – that
no one ever told you how to write a truly great ad.

So let’s fix that right now.

The simple fact is – most ads are sheep. They are weak
and afraid and they don’t get results. They never
inspire the reader to take action. They never lead.

They sound so much like all the other ads that the
people who read them just say to themselves “yep –
heard that all before” and click away.

But it does NOT have to be this way. Your ads can
capture attention and cause the visitors you want to
come to your website IF you know how to add real
selling power to them.

So how can you stop using “sheep” ads and start using
“lion” ads?

I believe there are two ways that you can add power to
almost any ad you are using now or to create new and
better ads than you use now.


The ONLY purpose of the ad is to get the right kind of
click… period.

If people click, you might make money.

If they do not click, you have no chance to make money.
It’s really as simple as that.

So what does “the right kind of click” mean? It means
getting the RIGHT people to come to your site.

* Not tire kickers.
* Not “lookie Lous”.
* Not time wasters with questions who never take action.

What you want is REAL prospects that know what you do
and are genuinely interested in learning more.

This fact, that the job of the ad is to get the right
kind of click, has led to two great misunderstandings.

MISUNDERSTANDING 1 – The first misunderstanding is that
we should do anything we can do to get the click.

Totally wrong, because tricking people into visiting
your site will not result in sales. Getting everyone to
your site is not the goal – getting buyers to your site
is the goal.

MISUNDERSTANDING 2 – The second misunderstanding is
that all clicks are equal.

Totally wrong, because not all clicks are created
equal. In fact, the ONLY clicks that matter are from
people who want, or need, what you offer and can take

Think about that statement for a bit, because it’s
important. They must want or need what you offer. If
they do not, then everyone is just wasting time.

They must be able to take action. Wanting, or even
needing, what you offer means nothing if they fail to
take action once they arrive at your site.

Consider these scenarios.

In scenario one you run a generic ad, one so timid that
the reader really can’t tell what you are selling.

Here is a sample of such an ad.

“Ever want to fire your boss and start your own
profitable business from home? Our proven process means
that now anyone can make a small fortune working from

This is a “sheep” ad that will generate clicks but will
fail to make sales. I can tell because I’ve written
thousands of ads.

What you will get from this ad is visitors who are in a
dream-world. Sure, they would love to fire their
stinking boss, but are they going to take action?

I suppose you could go for these types of clicks and
hope that your website is so appealing that it
convinces them but, candidly, that won’t work.

By the way, this is the most common model being used
online. Get EVERYONE you can to your site and hope that
your website does the selling.

If you are still reading this article I suspect you
know that this model does not work.

Now scenario two is where you run a “lion” ad; one that
is bold and unafraid and actually qualifies the
prospect BEFORE the click.

Here is an example of that ad.

“Are you tired of the rat race and ready to make a
massive income working for yourself at home?

A lot of people feel that way but few are willing to do
what it takes to make the big bucks.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you the type of person who will “go for it” once
they see what they want?

If you are then our proven system will show you the
step-by-step process to follow so that you never have
to work for anyone else again!

If you think you have what it takes you can prove it
right now by using this link to get more information.

Today could be the best day of your life IF you are
bold enough to act.

Will you take control of your future today?

Only YOU can decide!

Use this link now and let’s get started!”

Now this is a “lion” ad that will get fewer clicks but
make many more sales. The reason is simple. This ad has
qualified the prospect.

If they click the ad they have accepted your challenge
to get more information and change their lives. And
that is exactly the mindset you want them to have when
they visit your site.

Remember this – your ad has one job … qualify the
prospect and, in so doing, set up the sale.

It is vitally important to understand the difference
between sending just any visitor to a site and sending
a pre-qualified visitor.

Yes, you want clicks but you want the RIGHT kind of
clicks… qualified prospects.


Here are some ways to convert a weak “sheep” ad into a
bold “lion” ad.

Use a HEADLINE that sets the right tone. Let readers
know that this is NOT for everyone or for those who
will not take action but that massive rewards await
those who will take action.

Make a clear statement of what you really are OFFERing.
If you can’t be proud of what you offer then find
something else to sell online. Tricking people might
work for a while but it’s no way to build a business.
Be very clear about your offer.

Make QUALIFYING STATEMENTS so the reader can know that
they qualify for what you offer. In our example the
phrase “Are you tired of the rat race and ready to make
a massive income working for yourself at home?” is a
qualifying statement.

If someone is happy with their job then they would
quickly know that your offer is not for them.

Always be TRUTHFUL in your ads. This should go without
saying but often is not the case. If you have been
given misleading ads to use by your company please
don’t use them. You will only hurt your reputation, and
reputation matters online.

Be clear about what the reader will gain (BENEFITS) if
they do take action.

In our example the phrase “If you are then our proven
system will show
you the step-by-step process to follow
so that you never have to work for anyone else again!”
clearly states that they will be shown a proven system
IF they qualify.

ALWAYS include a *strong* CALL TO ACTION. There are
several calls to action in the “lion” ad above. Read it
again and see if you can spot them.

The bottom line to all of this is simple – you must
advertise if you want to make money online so your ads
might as well be as strong as they can be.

If you take a little time and make your ads “lions”
instead of “sheep” you will not only sell more (or get
more signups) but you will save advertising dollars as
well because YOUR ads will be the ones that work the

And having ads that work, that REALLY work to make
sales happen, is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number. http://www.RealWorldTactics.com

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