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Keeping Faith Creates Multiple Streams Of Income

Charles Kaluwasha, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

When things do not work as expected, one becomes disappointed and discouraged. Your face becomes pale,the urge dies a away or you pull your hair and grind your teeth. You feel cold air moving in your body system. The pupils constrict in such a way that you can’t even see well on your screen. This is the name of the game so called ‘Internet Marketing’.There are millions of online businesses competing over the same product and services. It’s not that all easy out there.However, there is a way..

One of the Apostles of Jesus-Paul said,

I have fought a good fight, I have kept my faith and I know a reward is waiting for me, to receive the crown of eternal life.

This type of determination should be in you when you are thinking of building your profitable home business.

The urge comes from the fact that you have just put up your website and you are ready to sell your product or services to the world. That stamina is burning within you like fire, sometimes you miss your meal. We’ve all been through that same situation.

It is a wonderful experience in one’s life and there would be no web pages put up without that burning desire and expectation. May be you’ve read all the right things to do according to all the advice given to you by the guru’s on the net. You’ve listed all the e-books,videos and read them several times. May be you have covered all the webners and participated in forums and spent some money on classified adverts or written articles and submitted to e-zines and blogs.You are now confident with your business, all that is left for you to do is sit back,relax and wait for results-income from your sweat.

The expectation is great and you feel you have hit the target of every customer that searches on the net. You’ve done your home work by putting all strategies in place. You go to bed each night late and when you wake up in the morning, your heart is itching to get to that computer and see all the orders you know will be waiting for you.Your expectation is in high gear, the heart is beating fast and you are breathing at zero.

When you open up your e-mail and find your in box has hundreds of messages. And you say to yourself, now I’m in it! Hastily, you open up the e-mails all full of scams from the gurus you subscribed to receive e-books,online courses and so forth – all these people are trying to sell you their new launched products and services. Some of them just copied your email address from your classified ads you had put up. I have had such experiences in the past and even now, everyone is trying to sell me something I did not request. How do you feel? Disappointment and discouraged – Your face becomes pale,the urge dies a little or you pull your hair and grind your teeth. You feel cold air moving in your body system. The pupils constrict in such a way that you can’t even see well on your screen. This is the name of game called ‘Internet Marketing’.There are millions of online businesses competing over same product. It’s not that all easy out there.

However, this can be reversed. Search deeper and you will find the easy button or gold.To be successful in life,you have to change the mind set, thoughts create your life. Having a mind set of a millionaire will take you into a different direction. You will see failures as your strength, lack of money as a stepping stone to look for ways to make money.

How do you build a solid business?

1. First of all, build a data base- email list. You can do this by monetizing your site. How?- By giving a compelling offer in exchange of email using a sales copy through an auto responder service.

2.Get more money by selling big tickets that have more value. When you go fishing, choose big fish that you will eat for many days or better still sale it at higher price than getting smaller ones. There are products that are costly, but when people are clear about their value, they go for them no matter how dear they are. One customer will give you more value than many customers who buy products with little value. This is the best secrete ever revealed to you.

3. Give more offer in a bucket- Selling more stuff in a bucket will give your clients more options to choose from. When you take these and develop a good strategy, you will never go hungry again. Knowing what you want is a step to success.

Now you go ahead and place a few paid ads, submit articles to e-zine with your link embedded,participate in discussion boards,forums and commenting on other people’s blogs will give you the much needed traffic and will be surprised to find that there are really people out there reading your work and interested in your products and services. Even though it has not happened overnight. It is a slow and painstaking process but will give you recurring income for life.

You finally get an order and see that the strategy works. Now the motivation and urge is back on your face and you go at it even harder. You have just hit another level of successful marketing in your life. Each level that you reach, you feel that your past failure has brought you into another level of knowledge and a more experienced marketer. We have all made mistakes, but failures and repetition is the mother of all architect!

We all wish it would be as easy as telling you to just follow what others have done – but then you will miss out on the wonderful teaching of life called ‘experience.’ Nothing can replace that.Practice makes perfect, you have to do it your self and become more experience. That is how we perfect our lives!!

Remember that failure gives birth to a business success secretes that will make you stronger and more determined, soon or later,you will become the marketing expert that is now leading other entrepreneurs. But the bottom line will always be ‘KEEP THE FAITH AND NEVER SURRENDER.’

Keep on fighting!!

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