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Kiwis keeping Kiwis Healthy and Wealthy

Do you relate to Super-Women juggling the needs of kids,partners,sick kids, jobs, aging parents, friends and providing a taxi service to school,sports, music etc…

What is the price?
Stress on your immune system- leaving you susceptible to ill health!

Super Women/Men need Super-food.
Why take Colostrum?

Colostrum is nature’s first and complete food.
1. It is the best natural source of antibodies which are essential to destroy or neuturalise pathogens(germs) that enter the body everyday and make us sick.
Colostrum is an anti-microbial as it acts against all pathogens-bacteria, viruses,fungi,yeast and parasites.
2. Is the best natural source of growth factors to heal and protect the gut wall and skin.
3. is a natural source of other value valuable immune factors.
4. Will work symbiotically with other products to boost the immune system and give greater health.

There are many other ‘immune boosting’ supplements such as juices,green foods,herbs,anti-oxidants and multivitamins available; but these do not contain antibodies-colostrum does!

Intelligent Health=Colostrum
Colostrum in the gut- Intelligent health is about prevention…
It is said that 80% of all ill health begins in the gut and that is where most of the pathogens(bacteria,viruses,yeast,fungi and moulds) that cause illness begin to attack the body.

You see that your body is exposed daily to millions of of these pathogens. Our modern stressful lifestyle often weaken our defenses causing illness.

Colostrum provides extra antibodies, and other immune factors,which remain in the gut increasing your natural antibody levels.
When a pathogen invades the gut, the antibodies in the colostrum attach themselves to the pathogens and destroy or neutralize it. This then allows the pathogen to pass harmlessly out of your system, enabling you to stay healthy.


Colostrum and children

Growth factors assist childrens’ growth during formative years.

Colostrum and ageing
*A natural hormon replacer-anti-ageing hormones in perfect balance-the way nature intended!
*Repair and reversal of tissue damage caused by disease and natural ageing process.
*Promotes renewal of skin and bones.
*Increases metabolism.

Colostrum and Sports
*Increased lean body mass for greater strength and endurance.
*Improved recovery times and reduces fatigue.
*Powers anti-inflammatory processes.
*Safe and legal(IOC approved).

Colostrum and your Pet
Just like their owners, pets can benefit from the additional of daily dose of colostrum.

Colostrum Products available
Using pure New Zealand Colostrum is the answer…

*AlphaLipid Lifeline powder is the intelligent breakfast drink of choice for the nwhole family as it contains 1500mg of pure colostrum plus added vitamins, minerals,prebiotics and calcium.
*Alpha Lipid capsules and chewable tablets contain pure colostrum with 20% IgG.
*Immufort High Potency Colostrum Tablets with 40% IgG. Also contains IGA,IGM,IGF1 and 5.5 mg Lactoferrin.
*FluNox Oral Spray with concentrated proline Rich Polypeptide and other Bioactives is absorbed through the mucus membranes as they enter the body. Ideal for use in aircraft and where there are groups of people and high infection.

The Alpha Lipid Difference
This is a patented lipid formula that enhances the solubility of colostrum which gives it 100% better biovailability.
For details, contact me at support@lifeonthenet7.com or visit the website.

Your partner in community healthy!
Charles Kaluwasha


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