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Do You Know The 3 Vital Signs of Home Business?

If you go to the Doctor and your Vital Signs are off… there is a big red flag
something is wrong with your Health…

The same  goes with your business. You must know the most vital signs to make sure

your business is health and booming.

If you take action on these vital signs every day, you will be successful.

Vital Sign #1: Lead generation – Putting the RIGHT People in front of your
Vital Sign #2: Conducting pre-interview & interviews (qualifying & building
Vital Sign #3: Enrolling Upgraded members/customers.
These are the only 3 things increasing your Income (taking you from 3
upgrades to 5 upgrades)… These are the ESSENTIALS in your business.

The IMPORTANT Items… NOT the noise…

Are you doing what you need to do to be successful
with your business?

One of the things you need to do is to keep in
contact with the people(leads) you can earn big money
from over the next few years!

E-mailing them allows you to give  them with
the information they need, without interrupting them
in their daily lives – most people are very busy.

Have you done that today? How about yesterday?
During the past week? Month? Year?

If you don’t do what you need to do to grow
your business, not much will happen, right?

Take action – do what you need to do to make
your business flourish!

And it’s very easy with layers of leadership!

Assuming you are already logged in to Layers of Leadership
(it should be the first thing you do each day)

* Click on “Boot Camp Button”

* Listen to the recorded boot camp

* Complete the homework  and start generating leads.

It can be one to start with….

* Call your coach to tell  him or her that you are ready”

* Copy and paste into your autoresponder

That’s it! Now you have ONE person you can E-mail
at anytime, day or night, with the click of a
few buttons! Your list of contacts has started!

What if you do the above task just one time per
day? At the end of one month, you’ll have about
30 contacts in your list. And at the end of the
year, you’ll have 365 contacts in there! Wow!

What if you do this several times a day? Then your
list will grow much faster, and you’ll make
much more money, right?

You do have business contacts, don’t you?

Anyone who you know who is interested in making
a living on-line is your business contact! And
you can make a considerable amount of money by
staying in touch with them on a regular basis
and telling them about the businesses you are

So whether you have just a hand-full of contacts
or an accumulation of contacts you’ve saved
over the last 300 years, the most important thing
is for you to become organized and stay organized,
so you can maximize your earnings with the least

So simply log in to Layers of Leadership, add the name
of a business you want to manage (or just call it
“General Contacts”) and start adding contacts!

So get started today, and take charge of your business!

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