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Know The Secret? Now Here’s The Answer!

by Derek Gehl

I’ve got to tell you about a new book that just hit the stands.

And the reason I’m so buzzed is that the author, John Assaraf, is truly
one of the most inspirational men I’ve ever met.

You may already know him.

His last book was The Secret — a book about brain science and quantum physics that became such a phenomenal success it was turned into a movie sensation as well.

Brain science? Quantum physics?

Not exactly best-seller material… or so you’d think.

But what John Assaraf did was demonstrate how the most advanced scientific research confirms that we create our own success.

Our minds… our beliefs… our thoughts… they create our circumstances. And they’re powerful enough to change our circumstances.

John is a living example.

As a kid he got involved with a gang and started heading down the wrong road. But then, at 19 he met a guy who saw the potential in him and became his first mentor.

From there he achieved almost immediate success in real estate, and
by the age of 30 he was a multimillionaire. He’s gone on to build company after company, and as a coach he’s helped thousands of people change their lives with his OneCoach program.

And through it all he’s been studying the science behind the human brain and the laws of nature.

I interviewed John last year for our Internet Entrepreneur Club monthly call. What he talked about just blew me away, so I thought I’d give you some of the highlights.

John Assaraf shows:

Everything is made up of energy. When you think a thought you cause every cell in your body to vibrate at a certain frequency, almost like a tuning fork or a string on a guitar.

So if you start with a clear and precise vision of what you want, you will “resonate” with people and things on the same frequency.

A belief is a pattern in the brain that has been reinforced through time. We can build up all sorts of beliefs that limit our success or keep us from going after it in the first place. We need to change those.

With repetition and ongoing instruction and action, you can train your brain out of self-destructive beliefs… and re-tune your frequency.

John gives three concrete steps for “tuning yourself in” to success:

Develop a clear and specific picture of what you want. Know what it looks like and feels like. Visualize it. Don’t complicate it with details about how you’re going to achieve it at this point… this will work itself out.

Create an affirmation: “I have everything I need within me right now to achieve my goal of XX by XX date.”

Repeat your affirmation over and over.
John says if you do this often enough and you’ll re-wire your brain patterns. You’ll believe your affirmation. Pretty soon you’ll be thinking and strategizing differently.

And that leads to behaving in the same ways as people who are already achieving the kind of success you aim for. So you’ll start attracting the people and materials that can help you… and start getting the results you visualize.

Thought… feeling… belief… behavior… results.

John Assaraf’s new book is called The Answer — Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life.

He wrote it with his business partner, Murray Smith. It takes The Secret one step further — because just thinking is NOT enough. As I’ve said over and over, you have to take action.

The Answer shows how to take the right actions — in the right order — to achieve your version of success.

It explains the mind-blowing science in simple language. Then it lays out solid business strategies and case studies from the authors’ own businesses.

And these two have built 17 successful businesses together!

So if you want to get right into the brains of two entrepreneurs who are already following the “law of attraction,” check it out here:


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