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Looking For Ways To boost Your Immunity

If you have been juggling with supplements in order to boost your immunity without the desired outcome, then this article will be of benefit to you. Many people who found themselves in similar situations in regards to their well being and started using Colostrum discovered that actually colostrum had the “magic” touch.

Colostrum is a gift from nature to support everyday vitality, immunity and healthy ageing. Here are some of the comments or testimonials retrieved from happy colostrum users:

Wellness in Warrnambool
New Image is a pioneer in high quality bovine colostrum, sourced from the happiest cows in the world. New Zealand’s pasture-fed, free roaming cattle supply our colostrum, which is harvested under strict health and animal welfare regulations.

53 year old Lloyd Gibson, a chef in Warrnambool was looking for a supplement to support his busy work routine Mr Gibson discovered colostrum products Alpha Lipid® Colostrum Tablets and Alpha Lipid® Lifeline® powder. The bovine-sourced supplements are touted as immune supporting and have made an enormous difference to Mr Gibson, whose energy and outlook have changed sharply.

– Lloyd Gibson, Warrnambool, Australia

Colostrum has given me a new lease of life

Having been introduced to various colostrum products, namely Alpha Lipid® Lifeline® powder, Cellworx® spray, Alpha Lipid® Colostrum Capsules as well as Omega CoQ10 I have noticed a vast improvement in my standard of health. Colostrum has given me a new lease of life, especially the quality part – I have more energy and what’s most noticeable, there is a step in my gait short of jogging. As a listed Veteran of the Mururoa nuclear testing in the Pacific and as a result of the nutritional supplements I am taking, the Veteran Affairs have approved my monthly payment on purchase of colostrum and associated nutritional supplements.

If this testimonial can help other veterans, then I truly endorse the colostrum products.

– Henare R Hawe, Ex CPO(ew) (shd) Navy, Napier, New Zealand

Healthy Stomach

For some months I had been searching for a natural support for my digestion.

I decided I’d give Alpha Lipid® Lifeline® a try as my wife suggested. Within three or four days of taking this colostrum drink it felt like my whole system was healthy and normal. It is a great support for helping to settle bloating and excess gas. I continued on with the whole course and have never looked back. I feel better now than I have for years!

– Wayne Hermansen, Norsewood, New Zealand

Back on top with colostrum drink

My life was extremely busy as I was working full time, running a home and raising two kids (then aged eight and two). I was looking for a natural support for a healthy digestion and My Aunt Julie recommended I try colostrum. I decided that I would, although I was unsure if it would work. I went onto Alpha Lipid® Lifeline® and after about three days I started to feel really good. Now every day I take Alpha Lipid® Lifeline® in a milkshake. I feel great!

– Carolyn Dudley-Smith, New Zealand

Feeling energised

We have tried Alpha Lipid® Lifeline®. Soon after starting, we found that we had a lot more energy. I have enjoyed the natural support from Alpha Lipid Lifeline for my nails and we have definitely found it supports our immunity. When thinking about the winter ills and chills out comes the Cellworx® and Immufort.

– Jenny and Frank Kennedy

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