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Making money is like diving in water


I know that’s a weird concept.

How on EARTH could a home based business be ANYTHING
like scuba diving?

Well check it out:

If you were to pick up scuba diving and you went off the
coast of Florida, would you rather jump in and assume there
are no sharks in the area of your choosing…

Or would you rather have an experienced diver with you to
say “Yes… this is a safe diving area… I’ve dived here
many times before. Jump on in.”

Or if he said “Heck no! This is a shark infested area!”,
wouldn’t you be glad you had him along?

Well, similarly, in the home business arena there are tons
of sharks out there. There are so many reasons why I’m doing
what I am… and there are so many reasons why I’m not doing
the hundreds of other things out there where you’ll get
screwed and lose your money.

I know what I’m doing… I know what works.

And here it is:

Set everything else aside and know that you’re right here,
right now, because what I’m doing works.

Stop your searching… It’s over.

I’ve got everything you’ll ever need.

Jump on in. The water’s warm… and there are no sharks
in the area.  😉

Charles Kaluwasha




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