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When you make money online being able to market effectively is
everything. In fact, even businesses that aren’t online need to
market effectively or else they will fail. However, many small
business owners don’t understand the exact meaning of marketing.
One of the most common misconceptions is confusing advertising for
marketing. Here is the difference between marketing and advertising.

To begin to explain the difference between marketing and
advertising we need to begin with the fact that marketing is much
larger and broader than advertising. In fact, advertising is a part
of marketing. But there is much, much more to marketing than

Obviously advertising is paying to get what you’re selling in front
of other people. There are many different ways to advertise. Online
there are both ways to advertise and ways that cost money to
advertise. Some of the free ways to advertise include writing
articles, writing blogs, and creating videos on YouTube.

Marketing includes everything you do and everything that’s a part
of your business. So every email you send is part of your marketing
campaign. Every forum post you make. Every Website you own, all the
content you put on the Web, and anything else you do that’s related
to your business is part of your marketing. This is especially true
of the way you treat your customers. You customer service is a huge
part of your marketing.

Always remember this. Everything you do is marketing your business.
You are either helping your business or hurting your business. So
make sure that everything you do is helping you make your business
better. Just keeping this in mind will help your business

The difference between marketing and advertising should never be
forgotten. If you think marketing is only advertising then you’re
ignoring great chances to effectively market your business. And
you’re probably hurting your business in ways you don’t even

Too often small business people mistakenly think that marketing and
advertising is the same thing. This results in a substantial amount
of marketing being ignored. Then the business suffers because there
are entire segments of marketing that aren’t being addressed. So
you need to always remember the difference between marketing and
advertising. Always remember that everything you do that’s even
remotely related to your business is part of the way other people
see you and your business. Therefore it’s all part of your
marketing and should be treated as such.

Hope you enjoyed this article and that it will give you something
to think about in your current or future internet business.

Mal Keenan

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