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MLM Traffic Formula 2 By Mike Dillard – $700 Discount June 17th, 2009 ONLY And Over $2997 Of Bonuses

Before I go further, please keep in mind that this article is meant to help you understand the value of MLM Traffic Formula 2 by Mr. Mike Dillard. It will be offered, for ONE day only (Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 from 9am to midnight CST), with a $700 discount and I’ve sweetened the deal even further, if you decide to invest in yourself and business, with FIVE top notch bonuses…

Consider this very carefully before you proceed…

If you want to truly hone in on what can really help you grow your network marketing business big, stable with front-end cashflow to boot… especially if you have followed everything your uplines told you to do… and all you have been able to muster so far by following their directions is sponsoring 3 people a year (if ever) and $50 a month… You need to wake up and INVESTIGATE BETTER WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR YOUR FAMILY.

Now, perhaps you are not familiar with the term “MLM Traffic Formula” so allow me to clarify it a bit .

The original MLM Traffic Formula, co-authored by Mike Dillard, Tom Bell and Tim Erway back in 2006 was a thorough “how-to” course that taught the mechanics to generating leads and creating front-end cashflow for network marketers (MLMers) or home business owners in general.

Tim Used It To ** Sponsor 1,732 Reps in 31 Days. **

Tom Used It To ** Make Over $11,000,000 in Five Years. **

Mike Used It To ** Generate 9,817 Leads in 1 Month. **

And me? I Used It To ** Average 76 Unique, NEW Customers & $24,244 In Revenue Per Month, For 19 Months In A Row. **

And here’s the shocker… I came from the old-school world of network marketing…

Yes, the belly-to-belly, face-to-face style network marketing where sponsoring 2-5 people a month was a big deal, and online lead generation or even buying commercial leads or lead co-ops were not words and phrases you’d find in our dictionary.

Understand this… Belly-to-belly is extremely effective, but S-L-O-O-O-O-W… like a snail.

Does this sound like what you are going through?

Traffic Formula will change your thinking and results (see the results above) pretty rapidly.

I tell you… it’s WILD.

You get people to come to you and hand you money so they can get what you have to offer.

THAT is what Traffic Formula did for me…

And I don’t know about you, but having people seek me out sounds a heck lot betterthan me chasing people down.

So then, the question is… if the orignal was so great, why get the 2.0 version, right?

While the original was fantastic, and marketing principles generally stay the same (since they’re based on human psychology)… TECHNOLOGY changes very rapidly.

3 years ago…

Facebook was still second to MySpace.

Twitter hasn’t hatched yet.

Video sites just started to pop up like wild mushrooms.


With Traffic Formula 2.0, Mike Dillard and his friends are refining the formula to include the latest Internet technologies to expand the reach of the original formula, making it even more versatile and powerful for YOU (if you apply the strategies).

In all, there are 10 modules:

* Module 1: The MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Revealed
* Moduel 2: Your MLM Traffic Formula Nerve Center
* Module 3: Copywriting Mastery Formula
* Module 4: How To Make More Money With The Same Traffic
* Module 5: Paid Traffic Strategies
* Module 6: Social Media Traffic
* Module 7: Video And Other Multi-Media Traffic
* Module 8: Search Engine Optimization For Non-Geeks
* Module 9: How To Harvest Money From Your List
* Module 10: How To Sponsor More Reps

Now that’s a load of money making information for the serious business owner. Are you a serious business owner? And is course for you? Here is a quick way to find out. If you recognize yourself as one of the following then perhaps it is NOT for you.

1. You are planning to DO NOTHING with the knowledge.

2. You are a pipe-dreamer.

3. You are planning to buy the course with the mentality to get a refund right away.

4. You think of this as an “expense” rather than an “investment” in yourself and your business.

5. You think $30 a month is too much money to spend in your own business.

Now, you decide that you are a serious business owner that wants to invest in yourself… I have some extremely great news for you.

The course is presently being offered at $997, a GREAT value in itself. But on June 17th, 2009, from 9AM to Midnight Central Time… you can get it with a whopping 70% discount (that’s $700 off!).

And better yet, I’m offering you an exclusive opportunity to claim FIVE incredible bonuses…including
1) a private 2-hour, behind-closed-doors webinar with the master behind the original Traffic Formula, Mr. Tom Bell himself,

2) ask Tom any questions regarding marketing and business,

3) hear little known behind-the-scene stories to the original Traffic Formula,

4) 6-month access to my highly regarded training show BuildAMagneticNetwork.com with top gurus and experts… and

5) my $456,808 secret which was only possible because of what I learned in Traffic Formula.

Honestly, if you don’t already know, just Tom’s webinar alone demands a minimum $3000 bonus as Tom bills well over $1500 for his consulting.

Since we want to answer your questions as much as we can, the number of people allowed into this webinar is LIMITED to the first 75 customers. So far we already have 63 people that have claimed this bonus.

You need to HURRY.

So if you are ready, invest in yourself and your business by ordering Traffic Formula 2 from http://www.trafficformula20.com, and e-mail your receipt and question for Tom to mlmtf2 [at] to claim your bonuses. Remember, the $700 discount is only valid on Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 from 9AM to Midnight CST.

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