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Monday Morning Motivation-I refuse to live a moderate life.

I refuse to live a moderate life.


The word “moderation” doesn’t even register in my vocabulary.

I have lived, currently live and will always live an extraordinary life.

I’ve done things no-one else can do.

I’ve experienced things no-one else will experience.

I do things no-one else is doing.

I experience things no-one else experiences.


You should not settle for a moderate life.

That “Moderate Life” will not fulfill your dreams.

A moderate life probably won’t allow you to retire…. definitely not with a beach house.


So, don’t poor mouth around me.

Don’t talk about how “expensive” something is and expect me to commiserate about it.

I’m not the man to sit around and talk about things I can’t afford.


The truth is: there’s no reason to live a moderate life and wallow in mediocrity.

We live on a rich planet.

We live in rich times.

We live among other rich people doing rich things.


I’m out here getting my slice of the rich pie and I won’t tolerate people trying to keep me small.


Whatever God is throwing at you right now, build on it.

Face it.

Grab it.

Control it.

Do NOT let it drag you down.


You are a successful real estate investor/business owner/beginner or whatever you are thinking of investing.

You are large and in charge of your bank account.

God has great things in store for you when you quit playing in moderation.


Are you ready to step into the life you’ve been planning in the deepest part of your imagination?

Dreaming is easy.

Doing is hard.

But I’d rather shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars than play it safe.

I’d rather get my hands dirty and live to tell the tales than listen to someone else’s glory days.


After all…. “You’re supposed to be the leading person of your own life!”


If you’re tired of settling…

If you know there’s more for you…

If you’re with me…

Tell me YES in the comments!

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