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My #1 Software Recommendation

I recently subscribed to Justin Glover and Brenda Gagne’s newsletter because of the  value they provide to people working online. Yesterday they recorded a great podcast answering a question that came in from someone who wanted to bring their offline business online, and they were confused as to where to start and how to actually do it…

It’s such a broad question, but one that SO many people ask about.

It a great question though because if you don’t have a plan, and the tools necessary, you can spend months, even years wondering around online working really hard… but at the end of it all, you’re not any closer to getting ahead then you were when you started…

Can you relate at all to this scenario?

Well, growing your business on the internet is a process, but there is one software that can REALLY help make it easier.

And we’re all about making things easier and more effective around here!

I have  and I am learning  alot  from these  guys especially  how to grow my business faster  without difficulties…

And at the end of the day, it’s the TECH side of all of this that really makes people pull their hair out.

Which is why ClickFunnels is my #1 recommendation for anyone who wants to sell online.


In a nutshell – there’s no other software out there that allows you to create any type of website you want, with the ability to CUSTOMIZE it any way you want – that’s actually USER FRIENDLY!

We personally know Russell Brunson, (the creator of ClickFunnels) he’s an excellent internet marketer.

The fact that he’s made millions online in a bunch of different niches, yet has NO IDEA how to put a video on his blog is crazy and brilliant at the same time…

(He hired people to do all his tech stuff, so he can focus on actually being an awesome marketer – there’s a great lesson in that)

The reason I share that little tid-bit about him is because he had his people create Clickfunnels from scratch solely for the purpose of him having the ability to create marketing funnels easily (without knowing ANY website building skills)

It’s grown over the last year to a hefty platform that we use not only for ourselves, but for all our clients to get started because they can get everything they want in one place, AND have the ability to use it without pulling their hair out!

Yes, it’s a great piece of software to help you make money, and it’s easy to use BUT – that’s not all..


We’re all about productivity right?

You want to get more done in less time right?

When you have the capability to create complete marketing funnels with 1 click upsells, and automated timed emails and beautiful order forms all in one place, and NEVER have to link up anything or touch html code – that’s a HUGE time saver.


The things that we can do today with this software used to cost thousands of dollars to setup, and multiple hours to create… now it’s a click of a button and BAM it’s done!


If you’ve wanted to create your own marketing funnel that generates leads, makes sales and you haven’t created it yet, or you’re struggling to create it, I urge you to check out Clickfunnels.

You have 2 weeks to try if out for free, so that way you can see if you love it like we do!


Over the last few days I’ve learned  some of Justine & Brenda’s favorite resources to help me be more productive in my business…


They have  A LOT more that they have put together in their Entrepreneur Productivity Tool Kit that you can download for free anytime, BUT today I wanted  to show you the #1 software that every marketer needs  to use.

Make sure you are taking your business seriously and you are making the most out of every hour in your day…

 This tool   can help you accomplish more in your day!

(Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference in your business!)




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