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My birth day this year was unique

It  has  been a tradition in the past in that  when ever my  birth day fell on 5th  July,we organised a party with my children, church mates and friends.
This year it was different. We recently moved to Australia and my children remained in New Zealand. So it was not possible to do it the traditional way. Instead, we celebrated the two of us, my wife and I in our small crib.
HOWEVER, when one has friends, distance does not matter. I received an overwhelming number of calls, text and emails from friends all over the globe, thank you…
My Facebook and LinkedIn page were filled with birth days wishes.
I’m really humbled and thankful to all those who sent in their best wishes any any form, we appreciate your love and care. May heavenly Father’s richest blessings be upon you and your loved ones as you journey on this earth.


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