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On Tuesday this last week, I did a little

marketing engagement‘ experiment, to
see how many people I could help make
$1,000 in affiliate commissions in one
It worked just as well as I thought that
it would.  We ended up doing about
$60,000 in sales in one day, by giving
people in our special Facebook group
‘all day’ simple marketing assignments.
Basically, it worked like this:
I give a simple assignment – you complete
it.  We wash, rinse, and repeat.
Want to know how I market?
Well, today (monday) I’m going to help
you do it again, and I want to make sure
that you can participate.
First, you’re going to need an invite to
our top secret, invite only Facebook
Group.  There’s only one way to get
an invite, and I have to approve you.
Second, after you’re in the group,
complete the assignments as I give
them to you.  They’ll all be really
simple, and I’ll do them along side
you – to make sure that you have the
best chances of succeeding – copy what
I do, and follow along.
I’ll coach you along the way.
How do you get in the special, top
secret group?
This group is only open to my personal
inner circle.
and then when you buy (only $25) you’ll
get a notification email, that will have the
top secret link to the group.
When you get the email (after you buy)
make sure to scroll to the bottom of it,
and click the link to join the Facebook
group.  I’ll meet you in there when I
wake up tomorrow, and we’ll start your
marketing assignments.
The goal?
I want to help you make $1,000.
Will you?  I don’t know – I know some
people will, and some won’t.
Believe it or not – some people won’t
even watch the video.  Lol.  Others
aren’t even willing to spend $25 right
Of course – I know you’re one of the
smart readers on my list, who doesn’t
want to take four million years to make
a measly $1,000 a day.
Smart decision.
Welcome aboard.

That was the intelligent thing to do.  I’ll
see you in the top secret group when I
get up, and we’ll start the assignments.
*  I might wake up late, just as a warning.
Since I stopped working a job, I realized
that I like to stay up late, get up late, and
do what I want while I make tons of money.
So I’ll see you in a bit – let me know if
for some reason you didn’t get your email,
and I’ll check to make sure your order
went through.
Let’s Rock and make Money this Year!

Charles Kaluwasha

“Covert Marketing Hypnotist”


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