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Marketing Tools To Use Online

Working online requires marketing tools in order to make money.But when you are starting it is overwhelming. And I do
recall how frustrated I was when following different people who seemed
to have some of the best resources and skills in doing things, and paralysing my brain
trying to follow what they were using to simplify the internet marketing process
and make things work easier.

One of my mentor and owner of MLM PR store gives an inside peek on some of the Internet Marketing Tools. All of these products are actually tools that I use personally for various things, so you’ll get the chance
to put together, my Behind The Scenes Master Plan once you’ve read through this.

Be warned that, there’s far too many to share, but for today, I will discuss a few.

Pure Levera*ge– This is obviously the tool that
I use for my various Email Marketing needs. It’s an
essential tool that everyone MUST have as list building is the secret to really making
money online. There is a learning curve with using it, but once you start, you’ll
feel like a pro in minutes.

* TribePro – I just recently started using tribepro and found it to be a great tool to help connect with more people, generate
leads and promote my blog. At first, I was trying to do the free version but to be
honest, it’s a waste of time. If you don’t do the paid version, it will be far too time
consuming and you’ll end up doing nothing with it. However, the paid version allows
you to automate everything. And if you want to get exposure for your blog and drive more
traffic to your site, this is a great tool to do it because everyone who networks with you
will share your content in exchange for sharing theirs.

Once you join my tribe. You have to update it as I’m putting some video trainings
and things together for it now but connect with my tribe by looking up lifeonthenet7
Internet Branding Mastermind!

* Elevation Group – You may have received tons of messages from me in other sales funnels
about EVG and might be confused as to how it works. Most people think that it’s
an automated lead generation system that you sign up for and have leads coming to
you automatically but that’s not how it works. Its actually is a TRAINING PROGRAM
that I’d say is the best in the industry that shows you how to build your brand and
your presence online so that you can learn how to attract people to you!

There is a learning curve to it BUT there is going to be a learning curve to Internet
Marketing period. If you’re serious about Internet Marketing and want to even consider creating a career as an Internet Marketing Consultant or Trainer to small business owners, I highly recommend it!

Using this system alone has earned me well over $2k in the past 2 months!!

I’ve covered a lot already and want to share the remainder of my tools in a separate
article to help you catch a breather and do some research.

Check out the sites above and see what they offer!

Charles Kaluwasha


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