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My Review Of Viral Marketing System

Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Viral eXpress is A FREE Marketing System that can help you
Explode Your Business On The Internet For FREE

This dynamic, cutting edge Viral Express System and its sister site, DiscountNet, were designed and created by successful Internet Marketers, with vast experience in building a thriving home business. These two sites are highly effective because they convert visitors to members at amazing rates! Using a network of viral marketing sites like the site here, Many members and team leaders have personally sponsored over 5,000 new members and built a team of over 100,000 strong and dedicated members.

You Can’t Beat The Price because it is FREE!

As you may know, the key to succeed with a home-based business, just like any other business, is effective and targeted marketing. No matter how good your business or website is, if nobody sees it, you won’t see any growth or profits. The common denominator for all successful entrepreneurs is they promote and market their business effectively.

Internet marketing, like any type of marketing or promotion, is strictly a number’s game. As long as you have a compelling website that converts visitors into paying members, success hinges on driving enough traffic to your sites.

Some of the benefits

As a member of the Viral Express team, you receive a FREE replicated Viral Express website just like this one here and an integrated follow-up system.

These sites, valued at $1,297, are yours to use to promote your Viral Express business. The Viral Express websites were designed by Internet Marketing experts with a combined 30 years of success in Network Marketing. Over the past few years,these sites have converted visitors to members at an incredible rate.

This Viral Express site is designed to use for prospects who are interested in building their chosen primary business(es) AND earning extra income.

Viral Express exposes your prospects to both the viral marketing and team/income building side of the business. In most cases, the majority of your prospects will be directed to this site.

The DiscountNet is a complimentary viral marketing site that focuses primarily on saving money on grocery bills It minimizes the network marketing aspect of the business.

And some team members use DiscountNet in some types of advertising and for those individuals and organizations that may not be interested in building a business.So you will have options. Having two viral marketing sites means that you target every American family(at the moment) whether they have an interest in earning extra income or not.

These compelling, high impact sites immediately grab your prospect’s attention and walk them through a tour of your business. This happens while you’re working, while you’re on vacation, while you’re spending time with your family, even while you’re sleeping. Thanks to the Internet and our leading edge technology, you can now reach more than a BILLION people, from the comfort of your home.

You will be interested to know that the viral marketing sites have a 12 year track record of delivering proven results. The numbers speak for themselves. When you join the Viral Express Team and your prospects could be touring your Viral Express and/or Primary Business site tomorrow.

When enough people visit your sites, some of them will join your Viral Express business and grab their own FREE viral marketing sites too. As your team grows, your network of viral marketing sites grows. This result in viral growth and automatic enrollments in your business.

Remember, your tools are advertised on every single site in your network, regardless of whether they join your primary business or not. This allows you to make more money when people say “YES” to your chosen business AND also make money when people say “No” to your main business.This is the beaut of Viral Express System.

The cream of the Viral Express is an Integrated Lead Capture & Follow-Up …

Technology is a wonderful thing when it’s working on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is What you will get from viral express sites:

Build a prospect list on 100% autopilot!

Educate your prospects about your business!

Excite your prospects about Viral Express!

Professionally designed with eye popping graphics!

Professionally written with compelling headlines and copy!

Sift and sort through your visitors to find the serious prospects while you are sleeping.See this video…

Compel your prospects to take action with valuable FREE bonuses!

Provide perfect duplication for your team (every member has the same FREE sites)!

Create a viral marketing explosion as your network of FREE Viral Express sites grows!


The key to success with Viral Express is duplication. With the right techniques, duplication on your team could look something like this … first you sponsor 10 members by giving them FREE websites to promote their favorite business. Teach them to duplicate and sponsor 10 new members each for a total of 100 new members. Simply duplicate this with your team for 3 levels and you will have over 10,000 viral marketing sites building YOUR BUSINESS. A powerful Duplication Station has been developed(which includes these FREE websites) for your Viral Express business. Follow these 5 simple steps and teach your team to do the same. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple & Succeed!

In my opinion, this is the best system that has a human heart of working as a team ensuring that every member is taken care of.

If you want to learn more on how you can use these 100% FREE Viral Marketing Sites to build YOUR FAVORITE BUSINESS and multiple streams of income!,Contact me (Charles Kaluwasha at (206) 801-1910)
or at buildawealthsystem@gmail.com

Don’t delay … automate your business today!

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