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MyLeadCompany.com- Exposure is everything

MyLeadCompany.com entered Pre-launch on 1st October 2011 and already have a membership of over 6,500 by today.
I joined the company on the 9th of October as the number 5,684 and by today the 11th of October, I have 815 members in my downline. This is amazing!
The official launch is on the 15 th of October,2011.

MyleadCompany.com is there exclusively to provide the best leads for any opportunity you are promoting right now. The price of the leads is affordable than any other lead company out there.
Until launch day, there are no leads being sold!

Now is the time to lock- in a Top Level Founding Position with MyLeadCompany.com
They expect 10,000 members/representatives by the launch day.

How many of these people do you want on your team and tap all the profit?

It is free to join now and make a big leap before the end of the year. In fact the founder and CEO is giving out 100 free leads when you sign up before the launch day.

Let not this opportunity pass you…

Exposure is Everything…

Join and be part of the growing team!

-Charles Kaluwasha

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