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New ACX Tripler Paying Program

In the last few days my inbox was flooded with inquires regarding the new ACX Tripler paying program.

Well, I did a research and brought you their matrix  as seen below:

Based on the original JSS Tripler Program launched by JustBeenPaid in 2010, the New ACX Tripler Program also pays back 300% over two stages:

Stage 1 – ACX Tripler Packs Earn 150%

Each $10 Tripler Pack earns 2% per day (1% Sat/Sun) until $15 is paid back (i.e. 150%).

In order to qualify to earn 2% per day, Member must view advertisements via the Traffic Xchange or entertaining images via the Media Xchange. The number of daily views required is determined by the number of active Tripler Packs.

When a Tripler Pack has earned back 150%, they expire and convert into Free Panels. For every four Tripler Packs that expire, one Free Panel is created (in Stage 2).

Stage 2 – ACX Panels Earn 150%

When four Tripler Packs create a Free Panel, a new spot is filled in the ACX Panel 2×2 Matrix. In order to earn 150%, a total of six spots must be filled by new panels from other Members or from your own panels.

When each of the six spots are filled, then the Free Panel is Completed. At that point, a Panel Rebate of $60 is paid, which equals an extra 150% in panel earnings.

Stage 1 & 2 Review

  • Four Tripler Packs cost $40 and earn 2% a day when ads are viewed
  • Four Tripler Packs will earn back $60 (150%) in about 88 days
  • Four Tripler Packs covert into One Free Panel
  • Each Free Panels pays $60 (150%) once the six spots are filled
  • So $40 of Tripler Packs earn you $120 back!


  • Spend $10, make back $15 in just 88 days (2% per day)
  • Spend $100, make back $150 ” “
  • Spend $1,000, make back $1,500 ” “
  • Spend $10,000, make back $15,000 ” “
  • Spend $100,000, make back $150,000 ” “
  • Stage 2 Earnings pay the same profits again!

How to get started…

>>> Get started today on your road to financial independence!

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