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New HealthCare Professional Testimonial



As positive feedback continues to roll in from Health and Wellness professionals around the world I am compelled to share this info as it becomes available.  This series of emails contain very short testimonials and case studies by Professionals like yourselves who are working with the SevenPoint2 product line.
This week we heard from a 25 Year Microscopy veteran who has been working with patients at the Cohn Health Institute in Costa Mesa California.
She discusses the difference she see’s in blood tests with people who are using the SevenPoint2 products and those who aren’t.  She also shares one particularly interesting case of a patient with severe Lyme Disease.


If you have not yet performed trials in your clinic using the Recovery with HydroFX formula, please contact me to move forward to the next step.  If you are in a country that is still in Pre-Launch phase there are very attractive offers to get you started.
For those of you that are now ordering, If you have any questions about treatment protocols, please feel free to contact me anytime and I will have one of our Medical advisors answer your questions.
All The Best,
Charles Kaluwasha

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