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New, New, New, Traffic,Leads and Sales!

past present futureEmpower Network’s Viral Blogging Platform will no longer
be a mere ‘Publishing Site’.

It’s about to become an unstoppable Traffic, Leads &
Sales Conversion MACHINE!!! Empower Network is the HOTTEST product on the Internet right now.

In fact…

We are rated #1 on the entire Internet on Alexa for Hot Topics this week!

This is absolutely THE Best time to kick your Business in Gear. With the introduction of iPAS Empower Network is poised to be the number one business online.If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening with the iPAS program, here are the highlights…

The program will work like this…
You will direct traffic to a specific Lead Capture Page
that will advertise a Business Success Kit for $9.95

When the prospect purchases the kit, it will be shipped immediately Priority Mail from our warehouse directly to the client – you don’t need to do anything.
This new client has 14 days to review the contents of
the Success Kit. If they return it within that time frame, they owe nothing. If they keep it, they will pay the balance due of $39.95 — of which you get $20.

As soon as the customer gets the Success Kit,
they will get a phone call to schedule an appointment with one of our PBAs (Personal Business Associates)

These PBAs are professional closers who have been trained specifically for the EN opportunity…

And more importantly…

Their goal is to get your new client to purchase ALL the products.

When they make a sale – YOU GET PAID!

You will get an invoice for the sale from the call center and will have 30 days to pay the PBA’s commission of 20% of the total sale.

The Business Success Kit is filled with success building dvds and a workbook to help understand how to progress through the funnel.

See more details…


And… PBAs are standing by to help you with your business goals too…


So what does this mean to you?

=> This is a beast no longer just a home based business

=>No longer merely Internet Markting

=>Not just Affiliate Marketing
=>Not simply MLM or Network Markketing

ENV2 is for …

The Entire online Business World!

Any company you are promoting
Any Industry
Any Profession
Here is how it gets even super fine…
Anyone wanting to invest in online presence, can have it FASTER
And not  just FASTER, but more simplicity and easier than ever before.

So this is HUGE.

And I mean really, really huge. The key to it all for you is NOT to be standing still when the gun goes off in less than 60 days from now.You want to be moving at a “lightening”speed when that moment comes!

When this lightening(new platform) hits the streets…
Thousands will be joining per day and you want fast momentum so that you speed right past anyone standing still. It will be HUGE!
Projection are that it will very quickly TRIPLE to Quadruple what we have ALREADY DONE in our first 21 months with $60,000,000 in paid commissions
to our members over the next 12-18 months.

The key is to have as much time between NOW  [when you get started] and the Launch of this  New Empower Network Version 2.0,to share with your colleagues,list and your network on Face Book, Twitter,LinkedIn etc.

It has been proven that people who have said NO in the past are coming back in droves, even the biggest names in the  home Based Industry finally see a way for their teams to succeed  with them.

Instead of making money “off” their Teams, they are making money “with” their Teams.
This is EPIC already, and we haven’t even launched the new platform yet!
What is to come is going to revolutionize how we all do business online. Personally, I’ve never seen anything quite like what is going to be launched in late September. I came imagine, it will shake the industry first. Then take the world by storm!
This is the opportunity that many have been waiting for. So first MOVERS’ Advantage and to have a team by them, working together like a well oiled machine, will do great things  for you and your family.

Again watch this video if you have’nt yet?

Get ALL in here and make things happen… as a TEAM and Rock together!

I Believe in you!
Charles Kaluwasha









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