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Our Life Is In Our Hands

Health is not a mare absence of illness. Health is our power and Freedom to recognise our potential. When we imagine all the positive ways our life could be…

How good we could feel!

The energy we could have

The feelings we could do

Your mind is recognising your true potential to be healthy and have true wealth.

Introducing New Image Future Legend key note speaker Graziella Thane-Hobday at our 87th convention on 5th November-Auckland New Zealand.

Born in India of Maltese and Italian decent, Graziella uses her professional skills and passion to help individuals and organisations attain success.

For many years Graziella has practiced forensic, sports and team, and organisational psychologies. She has worked as as a facilitator, advisor and leader in many non-profit organisations and corperate entities.
She travels internationally as a keynote speaker both professionally and for the United Nations, highlighting the importance of leadership, communication, continuing education and personal motivation.
If you would like to attend her inspiring presentation, contact me for registration details

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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