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Outsource your way to time freedom

Once you’ve been bitten by the outsourcing bug, it’s hard to let go.

And why would you not want to outsource? Scaling your business almost
effortlessly at a rate exponentially faster than you could ever hope to
accomplish yourself is an attractive proposition.

It’s the “4-Hour Workweek” way… Thanks Tim Ferriss!

So what stops most people from outsourcing a good portion of their
marketing tasks?

Mostly, its fear of letting go, and occasionally money.

Some are simply so sure that either they can do it better, (possibly) or
that they can’t afford the costs. (Not likely)

Let’s look at those two lines of thinking.

Hey, you probably are better than others at some aspects of your business.
The basic truth of it all is, however, there are only so many hours in the day.

You can’t build your business very fast if you are the only person
working in it! Having just a few outsourcers doing some key tasks for you
can quickly scale your business to places you’d not yet imagined.

Can’t afford it? Really? With the advent of micro-worker sites like
Fiverr.com,Viral Markerting you really don’t have an excuse anymore! If you can’t throw
$5 at your business now and then you don’t have one! You would be amazed
at the type of tasks you can get done quickly and easily.

Even more than that, at least to me, is the savings in terms of time.
Having 20+ extras hours in a week opens up a lot of doors! That’s where
the money is, and that’s where you’ll find the time to enjoy it too!

Charles Kaluwasha

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