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Overcoming Obstacles

Recently I read a church publication where the man of God stated that he observed a brother who had undertaken a task with a decision that nothing was going to stand in his way until he accomplished the task at hand properly and precisely. The man of God observed that the young brother did not approach the task aggressively nor did he make noise about it. He calmly and confidently set himself up to succeed despite the fact that everything was against him.
He had no tools available and no one around to help him.

This young brother was blind to those things and did not even think of them as obstacles. This is the attitude some football coaches have by encouraging their teams with the words “obstacles are things you see only when you take your eyes off the goal”

The man of God stated that that young brother had to contend with the authorities who were not about to make his task any easier, yet he persisted and he succeeded.

Even the famous 102 floor Empire State Building built in 1940 was built in 410 days is still in existence, has withstood all the elements it has been exposed to signify that there was no “shortcuts” in its construction.

The message the man of God was putting across is that we can achieve what ever we want without bypassing or making shortcuts, even when there appears to be little things to work with.
Therefore, let us grasp the challenges that are before us and set our course to the destination of success in every part of any work we want to engage in.

Charles Kaluwasha


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