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Video On How To Get Started With Work at Home Job

I have uploaded my simple video on how you get started with work at home job.
This is a practical example of a person who had no idea working at home job.
With persistence,determination, courage and remaining positive, even when things did not work out well
I am here to prove that anyone can make it.

I am a shy person but took that courage to record this video today for you to show you that if you shift
your mindset, you can do anything that seemed to be impossible.

If you found value, please leave a comment for me below, I will appreciate!

God bless and have a wonderful day.

Success Coach at Layers of Leadership

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Are you focusing on right activity?

I thought I should share with you this a little video called “What are you focusing on?”

In the above video, the author has even done a little magic trick to prove how

our brains work and why it is important to focus on the right things.


Now let’s dive into  many reasons why choose a work at home job.

Being capable of making a living working in the comfort

of your home is a real privilege. Many people love the

advantages that go with this place, as well. Knowing

some of the best reasons to select a work at home job

for yourself is sure to motivate you in getting started.


Being able to work when you want is sure to be one

of the largest reasons to choose a work at home place.

Do you prefer to work in the mornings or at night? Simply

choose the hours when you feel you may be the most productive

and work these for the best results with your business.

No commute

Being able to avoid a long commute is sure to be one of

the top benefits of working at home. The downside of driving to and

from work daily includes the possibility of being involved

in an accident or getting stuck in slow traffic. Consider

how great it would be to simply jump out of bed and get to work.

Less pressure

Dealing with a boss hanging around over your shoulder all the

time can certainly cause you anxiety. This is less than an ideal

situation and one that many employees are forced to deal

with on a regular basis. However, when you work at home, you

may have more laid back days and less stressful ones.

Being in charge of your business and being able to make

the most money for a better life is entirely possible when

you work at it and at home. But you must be focussed!

You have only a few hours especially if you still have full-time job.

There are many distractions at home, answering phones, checking emails,

browsing on your Facebook profile and so forth… If you are not focussed, you

will not meet much. So watch the video again and change your focus!

Discover How Personal Branding Can Influence Buyers and Improve Sales

Anyone interested in breaking through to the upper levels of influence, leadership and personal income must start building a personal brand. Doing this the wrong way or not at all can actually work against you and hurt your business.

This is something that really separates the entrepreneurs that are just getting started from those who skyrocket to the top.

It’s not the start-up capital, best ideas or even the marketing knowledge that separate them, it is their personal brand.

Michael Force, the founder and CEO of Digital Altitude states, and I quote,

Over the years, my own personal branding has increased my earnings by 10x or more in the last decade.

Why the big difference?

People trust a known brand. That trust translates into more business, higher paying customers, more fans, followers, leaders and customers.

See, they want to know you’re a high quality professional. They want to know what you stand for and the story behind you.

I want to help you grow your business, so sign up for a free webinar and join Expert celebrity Brander Dion McIntosh and Michael Force, the Founder of Digital Altitude  who will show you how to do it right.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

– What a personal brand really means
– Why people with a brand always make the most money (Michael Force used these techniques to earn millions!!)
– Why you’re losing money driving traffic to unbranded pages
– How your story can become a lead magnet for your perfect fan, team-mate or customer
– How to start building your own bankable brand…the right way

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Considering owning a reseller business?

After studying the following statistics the question “Should I consider my own business?” will no longer exist. Prepare to sober-up.

“For the first time in history, the current generation is averaging a lower standard of living than their parents. Taxes have become an increasing burden, and a much smaller percentage of Americans under 45 now own their own houses.” – New York Times

“The bankruptcy filing rate this year will be eight times higher than during the Great Depression — with one household in every 100 going the bankruptcy route.” – USA Today

“American wages today … Average wages have stagnated since 1973, something they have not done since the Civil War.” – New York Times

“More than a mil. households will file for bankruptcy this year.” – USA Today

“Job security today … 500,000 jobs are eliminated annually by technology alone. Large corporations laid off more than 400,000 workers in 1995 alone including:

  • IBM: 122,000 workers
  • AT&T: 83,000 workers
  • GM: 74,000 workers.

More than 3 million. jobs have been eliminated each year since 1989, for a loss of 43 mil. jobs since 1979.” – Misha, et, al, p. 82

“The only “job security” today is that which you create for yourself. When you build a solid business, you erect a fortress around you and your family impermeable by economic downturns.” – Jason Domingo

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics out of all people who start employment at age 25, by age 65:

  • 1% are wealthy
  • 4% have enough to retire
  • 3% are still working (can’t afford to quit)
  • 63% depend on Social Security, friends or charity
  • 29% are dead and 95% of all Americans retire in poverty after working for 45 years!

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Charles Kaluwasha
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It’s no secret that being able to thrive in this world and not only survive will take hard work on your part.  You can do this by taking a look at this spectacular video that can help be in charge of your business and not working for others!

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To Your Success,


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