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Learning Forex Trade Builds You Money

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Grab expert information in the sphere ofwhat is forex trade this is your individual guide.

Financial Empowerment Can Be Yours!

If you are  interested in learning how to have your money start working for you, we have good news for you. A new and first world class learning platform is available to you right now that you can get started step-by-step at your own pace  but with much support from peers that are crushing it right now.

From this point forward, our only aim is to provide you with the relative and vital information you deserve in order for you to begin to take your finances and your ability to grow your money to the next level.

=> Is this real? Yes.

=> Does it work? Yes.

=> Is it simple? After you learn what do do (like driving), yes.

=> Can you do it? For sure, yes.

=> WILL YOU DO IT? Well that’s where the system stops and you begin.

As you already know, anything you don’t know, that you desire to know, takes some effort.

The key word being “desire”. If you truly want to learn how to take money you already have and multiply it, using the same strategy your bank is already using to make BILLIONS while giving you pennies…then we can help you and you will enjoy what we’ll be sharing over the next few days.

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We truly look forward to exposing this wonderful world of forex and cryptocurrency trading to you and am excited that NOW… you will finally have the tools and the power to create the financial life your heart desires!


To your massive success,

Charles Kaluwasha 

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FREE Forex Training & Financial Empowerment Event

Every day on the news, TV, on the train, buses and on the street everybody is talking about the rising cost of living. Families have stopped spending…the amount needed to ease living costs is not enough and much more…

Do you experience that some weeks feel longer than others? You may feel a little stressed, but things seem normal, so you’re not too sure why you feel that way. It may seem that everything’s just plodding along nicely. Nothing really changes week to week…including your wages.

This could all be due to the rising cost of living. While wages have remained stagnant, inflation has not. And that means many families are paying more to live.

Rising energy costs, childcare costs and fuel prices have hit Australians hard.

And according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), it doesn’t matter whether you’re retired, living on a pension or have a wage/salary, the cost of living is affecting all Australians.

The money morning news  editor quoted the UNSW Business School’s Professor Kristy Muir, chief of the Centre for Social Impact, as reported by the ABC, says:

Housing has gone up, whether you’re paying rent or whether you’re paying mortgages.

They’re really struggling with their housing repayments, they’re struggling with their living expenses, and they’re struggling to basically meet debts and to cover the general costs of living’.

While it’s widely assumed that those who live off a salary and wage will generally be OK, that’s not always the case. As Muir continues:

One in three people who are living in poverty actually have wages, so we have challenges not just about how we make sure people have jobs, but we also want people to have stable jobs

We want them to have jobs that are secure, and we need them to be able to get the amount of hours to be able to work to cover their living costs.’

As we’ve seen with the current decline in retail spending by consumers, ABS figures showed that there was a 0.5% decline in spending during the Christmas period.

Plus, there’s been an increase in financial hardship, according to NAB chief economist Alan Oster:

Looking beyond financial concern to actual hardship, more consumers faced some form of financial stress or hardship during the quarter, and once again being unable to pay a bill (particularly utilities) caused the most stress.’

According to the NAB survey, the median amount Australians believe is needed extra per week is $207. Or $10,764 a year.

To help many families come out of the financial stress, we have introduced

FREE Forex Training & Financial Empowerment

We are on a mission to create 100 millionaires on our team in the next 12 months… sponsoring
and recruiting not required in any way, shape, or form.

All of the following events are held free of charge and OPEN TO ALL in our Zoom Room @ www.LayersOfLeadership.com

Check your local time and date here!

✔️ Tuesdays@ 8:00 PM EST.
Introduction to Forex Trading AND Introduction to our First Class iMarketsLive Education, Software, & Tools

**Learn Forex Basics** and why tens of thousands of people in over 120 countries have already made the wise decision to become a customer of iMarketsLive … Our Step by Step Academy teaches you, from basics to advanced how to be a PROFITABLE & SUCCESSFUL 6 & 7 figure trader in the largest financial market in the world.

Tuesday Event Schedule:
-Introduction to Forex
Introduction to the iMarketsLive Education & Tools
-Short break
-Forex Basics Training

✔️ Thursdays @ 8:00 PM EST
Free Forex Training – Open to ALL

Our weekly topics include:
-Creating your trading plan… a MUST for success!
-Basic and Advanced Forex Analysis
-Setting up charts
-How to read your charts
-Latest tips and techniques
-Current market analysis
-Understanding the incredible power of compounding your daily, weekly, and monthly returns
-Why Proper Risk Management is the key to building your legacy with Forex!

Struggling to pay bills?


Join us for our FREE Forex Training and
Financial Empowerment Event. Learn how
to multiply your money and take control
of your finances….

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