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How to Generate Traffic from Articles

The internet is an optimum source of information over the world wide web. As such, it is a given that people log on to the internet primarily because they are looking for something they want to know more about, read more about, or research more about.

Given this fact, it becomes very important that your website is filled with useful content for people to read. It doesn’t matter if you are keeping an information portal type of a website or an e-commerce site. You need content. You need articles. Keep in mind that these are the very things that could drive traffic to your site.

So how will your articles deliver a steady flow of visitors to your website? There are two ways. First, if you write about something that is related to your site and sprinkle some keywords in it, the search engines will notice your site more frequently. Once you have your articles all written and ready, just upload to your website. Wait, sit back, and relax while the search engine robots crawl through them after a few days. The robots will then add those keywords to the algorithm and the search engine they belong to will use them to compute the popularity of a certain keyword to your site.

If your site proves to be the one that contains the most relevant information about the keyword typed by the user, then your site will appear on the first page of the search results. It is a given that the higher your position in the search engine is, the better the chances that the people who are using the search engine will click your site to check what you have to offer. The idea is simple – the more information rich articles you have uploaded and the more keywords you sprinkle in them, the higher the chances your site gets noticed by people.

But of course, we cannot discount the simple fact that your article on its own, can give you the traffic you want. There are slim chances that the story or the featured article you wrote about is the same as somebody else’s if and when you have written it all by yourself. And so some people will definitely come looking for that piece of information you have. And if the unique articles you created contains the data internet users need, that should be enough pull.

Eventually, the same people will visit you frequently. If your website or your blog gives them the things they want, then you need not go out of your way to get traffic. Traffic will come to you naturally. There’s not much technicality in this setup. All you really have to do is to upload numerous information-rich articles on your site and you should be all set. But then again, you have to market your site some other way so that people will actually see your articles.

That leads us to the other effective method of using articles to generate traffic to your site. This is through the use of article directories. Article directories are websites whose primary purpose is to compile information rich articles submitted by their members. There are several of them out there today. And most of them follow stringent rules as to what types of articles you can upload. More often than not, you can only send articles that are highly informative with no distinct promotion for a service or a product.

These websites will publish your articles in their network. Your articles will then be available to all other internet users. The chances of your articles being read and spotted are higher if you submit them to article directories. This is because popular article directories enjoy high page ranking. Your articles, provided you have chosen the right keywords, will definitely show on top of the search engine’s list without much of a hassle on your part. In essence, you are riding the website’s popularity and are using it to your advantage.

Now it doesn’t end there. Article directories normally allow one live URL or backlink to their authors. They also provide some space wherein you can put a small description of yourself, your website, and your expertise. Therefore, with all of these working for you, plus a direct link to your website presented to the person surfing the internet interested in reading your article, you have a higher probability of attracting people to actually come and visit your site just to find more information-rich articles like the one that piqued their interest.

How to Use Paid URL Links to Drive Faster Traffic

How to Use Paid URL Links to Drive Faster Traffic

With the tight competition among web pages today, it is very important that you do everything to get an edge over other websites when it comes to acquiring massive amounts of traffic. There are a lot of techniques to lead visitors to your site. Some of them are easy strategies, while others require hard work and effort on your part. And of course you have to be very patient because regardless of what you do, the results of your hard work can’t be obtained overnight. Time has to pass before you reap the fruits of your labor.

And if some strategies require perseverance, there are also others that may require you to invest a good amount of money just to generate traffic to your website. To have a regular flow of visitors, you must invest in advertising. And one form of a good advertising technique is to drive traffic through paid URL links. Paid URL links come in different forms. It could be in the form of straight up advertisements or in the form of paid inclusion to web directories.

The advantages of using both these methods are enormous. First, in the case of buying link advertisements, you will get massive traffic primarily because of the fact that these advertisements are strategically positioned on websites that are related to your site. If your website is all about cars, for example, your paid URL link will appear on other websites that are related to cars. This is the concept behind the pioneering Google ads network.

To understand paid URL’s better, you need to see how Google ads work. As an advertiser, you will be purchasing keywords where your advertisement will show. Purchasing a keyword means that every time a Google search engine user types that exact keyword in the search box, your link will show either on top of the search engine results or on the sides. This will give the internet user additional options as to where they can find the things they are looking for. These paid URL’s in the Google network follows a pay-per-click policy. This means advertisers only pay for the actual links or views from internet users. No click means you don’t have to pay for anything. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Other than your URL showing on the search engine results, your advertisement may also appear on websites that publish Google ads. Google maintains two types of users. One is the advertiser, which is you, and the other is the publisher. The publisher gets ads from the advertiser’s database. So if your ad were part of the network’s paid advertisements, it would be placed in rotation with all the other ads. The good thing about this setup is that your ads will only show on relevant sites. If your ad or your website is about slimming teas, it won’t show on a movie star website. It will only show up on weight loss websites and online tea shops.

These are how the advertisements via paid URL’s work. Now there’s one other way to gain traffic to your site than this. By paying to publish your URL to be included to popular paid web directories, you’ll get regular traffic as well. Web directories are websites that are dedicated to keeping a list of other sites submitted to them for inclusion. These sites are filled with different sponsored URL’s categorized accordingly. It works very much like the yellow pages of telephone companies. But instead of listing telephone numbers, they put the direct link to a certain website.

While you might think that investing for inclusion to these websites isn’t feasible, think again. If you consider the algorithm used by search engines in determining your website’s page rank,

you will see that if your link shows up on a web page that enjoys high traffic and page ranking, some of it will brush off on your site. This means you have added leverage when it comes to search engine results. This is very important because as a web master, you have to make full use of the tools and opportunities to send traffic to your site every time you can. Besides, popular web directories have a following of their own. This corresponds to the fact that a lot of people actually consult web directories if and when they want to check out something or are looking for a particular product or information. It always pays to be part of a well-trusted network or website.
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How to Use Google Adwords to Drive Traffic

Utilizing Google Adwords is one of the vital tools in the internet world if you want to drive traffic to your Web page. And why do you need to drive traffic to your website? Any website administrator or owner sees the importance of this action since traffic makes any site successful by gaining more profit through advertisement. Still confused? Let us take it one by one. We shall start with a discussion of Google Adwords.

When using the Google search engine there are noticeable listings in the right hand corner of the web page. All of these listings are identified as Google Adwords. Google presents important text relative to the ads within the search engine results page. This page is named Sponsored Links. When a searcher keys in a word, the links appear separately thus giving superb exposure of the listed site.

How does it work? Google is the most popular and the largest online search engine. It receives approximately 200,000,000 queries every day. Because of this demand, its web administrators require high ranking on the results of searches it provides. The high ranking can denote high traffic for a particular website.

The results page of any search engine can really be a great spot for promoters to advertise a service or product using links and ads. Particularly, these are helpful to those ticket items needing maximum exposure for sales. As a result, Google launched Adwords service offering businesses an avenue to advertise their services and products to a targeted audience.

Adwords is a pay per click advertisement which is posted by people who want his or her offers to be seen by targeted traffic on the site. Through Adwords, the item submitted will be displayed several times but these displays, will only be paid whenever a searcher clicks on the posted ad. Adwords by Google guarantees instant traffic.

How can one use Google Adwords? An initial step is to acquire an account on Google Adwords Service. Next, you should specify your country and language; this is an important step since your prime motive is to sell. You would not want your product or service advertised in places that are not relevant.

After acquiring an account, you are now ready to make your ad group. This ad group consists of ad designing, keyword selection and determination of the maximum cost you are willing to pay. This also includes bidding for the amount of the ad.

Tag title is the next important thing to consider in Google Adwords. Be sure that your title tag is very captivating since this will be an essential tool in catching the attention of the target audience. As a note, title tags must describe your website accurately and clearly. This must be effective in conveying the message for your audience. Having clear messages can attract qualified leads which can be converted to sales. This can therefore signify the importance of selecting concise keywords.

Keywords must carefully be selected. There are words and phrases that can be adapted to attract more prospects. Using different words, derivatives and misspellings can lead to an increased chance of serving your ad on the website.

After deciding on a title tag for your ad, to have maximum exposure cost must be considered next. For each campaign, it is recommended that you have a daily budget that is affordable and suitable. Usually, the charges are agreed upon by the client and a webmaster or administrator. Normally, a pay per day amount is considered. For example, a trading assistant who takes care of the selling of peoples stuff agrees on a $10 a day or $300 for one month listing. Generally, the charge can be as low as a dollar a day. The amount will all depend on the set agreement.

Aside from these steps, there are a few mistakes that are overlooked and could be considered to be detrimental to a profitable website.

One of the mistakes is bidding on a few wrong keywords, thus missing the right ones. Another mistake is not knowing what keywords and ads best convert web users to sales and which ones aren’t profitable.

Your site won’t succeed based entirely on its design and content. Although you may have exceptional services and products to offer, it will all be a waste if you do not have capabilities and skills to advertise. in conclusion, Google Adwords is a very excellent tool in furthering your sites success. It will definitely be helpful in achieving the targeted traffic you will need to have maximum exposure and eventually the sky rocketing sales you dream of!
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Believe It Or Not, This Is A Great Time To Start Your Internet Business!

By Derek Gehl

In the last issue of The IMC Insider, I gave you a surefire strategy for improving customer loyalty — and keeping your profits STRONG — during the current economic chaos.

Since I published that issue, I’ve been getting LOTS of emails and calls from subscribers who don’t actually have sites up and running yet, all asking the same thing:

“Sure, your strategy is good for people who are ALREADY making money online…

… but what about those of us who are still THINKING about starting an Internet business? Isn’t this the WORST time to launch a new website?!”

Believe me, I understand your fears…

With all the current talk of failing banks, collapsing real estate markets, and imploding stocks, I wouldn’t blame you if, right about now, you feel like taking every spare penny you have, stuffing it in your mattress, and waiting for this entire mess to blow over!

But the truth is, starting an Internet business is something you should consider, no matter WHAT the economy looks like.

Here’s why…

First, online sales have never been STRONGER!

In fact, a recent report published by Forrester Research indicates that, despite the ailing economy, online retail sales are expected to INCREASE by 17% in 2008, bringing the annual amount spent online to $204 BILLION (click here to read the report).

Second, remember that, unlike local brick-and-mortar businesses, which are typically at the mercy of the local economy, you have access to an entire GLOBAL market. So even if U.S. shoppers are feeling pinched, you’ll still have plenty of other customers to turn to.

Next, consider the start-up costs of an Internet business. Unlike traditional businesses, you can get your website running for less than the cost of a couple of nights out on the town, so you don’t need to tie up your “emergency” cash — or go into debt — to get started.

And speaking of debt, with such low initial cost, you’ll have no concerns about trying to qualify for a start-up loan, something that’s likely going to get much tougher during the current credit crunch.

And finally, remember that you can start your business even while you’re working your “day” job, so you can continue to enjoy a regular source of income while you work to make your site successful. Try that with a regular brick-and-mortar business.

At the end of the day, starting your own Internet business during a recession — or whatever they’re calling the current economic situation — is an excellent form of job security!

BUT before you jump in and start your website…

… remember that there’s one big (and I do mean BIG) newbie mistake you MUST avoid if you hope to build a successful online business during this turbulent economy — and in fact, lots of established site owners are getting this wrong, too.

To start a TRULY successful online business right now, you must FIRST identify a “niche market.”

And yes, I know I sound like a broken record! You’ve likely heard me preaching and ranting about niche markets at least a dozen times already, but the truth is, no matter HOW often I talk about it, I still see so many well-intentioned people getting this WRONG.

When I chat with people at industry events, when I read the questions from members of my “Internet Entrepreneur Club,” when I look at comments on my blog, I hear and see the same things all the time:

“My niche market is young business professionals.”

“My niche market is women over 40 who are interested in their health.”

“My niche market is people who like to garden.”

These are NOT niche markets!!

These are HUGE and UNDEFINED groups of people who all have different goals, interests, and experiences, and trying to sell effectively to a big, diverse group like this is going to be an exercise in failure!

In fact, you’ll likely find yourself competing directly with the likes of WalMart, eBay, or Amazon (or all three)…

… and something tells me their marketing budgets are a just tiny bit bigger than yours, right?

But that’s the beauty of marketing to a true niche. It’s a MUCH smaller, more defined target, so you can figure out exactly what everyone who visits your site wants… know where they hang out online… understand PRECISELY how to speak to them… and offer the specific products that will make a difference in their lives.

At the same time, you can really concentrate on becoming a recognized expert in your chosen market, so you’ll be able to build really strong relationships of trust with your visitors, which is the key to success.

And best of all, these smaller markets can often be virtually ignored by the big guys, so you’ll end up with MUCH less competition! So even though you’re selling to far fewer people, you’ll actually end up making MORE sales.

Make sense so far?

So, if groups like “parents over 35” or “balding men” aren’t niche markets, what is? Well, let’s look at some examples. These are actual niches that real people are getting wealthy in right now:

* Spanish-speaking architects looking for software, training, and resources

* People who want to make crafts with dried poppies

* Heavy metal bands looking for sponsorship and branded clothing and accessories

See the difference?

A niche market is super specific, and caters to a group of people who are all looking for the solution to a common problem.

And if you’re worried that narrowing your market like this will limit your sales, consider this:

In a typical town, a business selling nothing but organic parrot food would likely struggle. There’s probably not enough demand, and even the local pet store couldn’t sell enough of it to make it worthwhile.

But online, with over 1.3 billion people worldwide on the Internet, even if only one or two people in every town want that specific, hard-to-find product, that’s more than enough to make up a market for a profitable business!

So by all means, start that website now, even though it may seem like the timing is bad… but make sure you do your homework FIRST.

By identifying a solid, tightly-defined niche market, and then building your site and products around the problem that your market is trying to solve, you’ll be taking the first GIANT step toward profits…

… and AVOIDING the kinds of disasters that typical small business startups can experience during uncertain economic times.

And that’s what I call job security!
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5 Ways to “Infect” the ‘Net with Viral Marketing

By Kate Morrison

When we say “viral marketing,” don’t worry — it’s not a reason for you to grab your cold medication and dive under the covers!

All we’re really talking about are marketing strategies that increase awareness of your company by persuading people to pass your material on to friends and family.

Why is viral marketing such a hot topic?

… Because it allows you to exponentially increase your visibility online by turning your existing network of clients and subscribers into a giant word-of-mouth referral machine!

Here are 5 proven strategies you can use to quickly and easily add viral aspects to your marketing campaign, so you can dramatically increase your web exposure — AND your sales!

Viral Tip #1: Give away free articles with valuable information

This one’s a winner on so many levels… it’s so easy to do, and yet few people actually use it.

All you have to do is write a special, information-packed article that your customers would love to read, and include a “pass-it-on” link at the bottom that says something like this:

“Do you know someone who would be interested in reading this article? Click here to email it to them!”

When people click on that link, an email automatically opens up with a pre-written message and the article included as an attachment.

All the reader has to do is put in the email address of the person they want to send it to, along with their own name in the body of the message, and presto! More people are reading your articles than ever before.

… This strategy works particularly well if you have your own e-zine or newsletter. It’s a great way to encourage more people to subscribe to your mailing list!

Viral Tip #2: Write a viral eBook

This one’s another big winner… giving away viral eBooks is a terrific way to drive qualified customers to your website.

Just create a short 10-30 page report that solves a problem or shares valuable information about a topic that’s hot with your customers. Then add a “viral button” that allows readers to easily share your eBook with your friends.

And of course, include links to your site in the body of the book.

… And in no time at all you will have 1,000s of people opening and reading your valuable information — and being redirected back to your site!

Viral Tip #3: Give away free demo versions of your product

Is there any way you could offer a free trial version of your product — such as a software demo or a sample chapter of your information product?

If so, do it! By giving away free “samples” and again including a “pass-it-on” link, you can spread the word about your product very quickly!

… Just be sure to include a link that says something like, “Click here now to get the full version of this product” within the software demo or sample chapter.

After all, once people have tried your product, you want to make it super easy for them to BUY it!

Viral Tip #4: Hold a contest

Everybody loves the chance to win something — which is why contests are so popular, and such a great way to capture people’s contact information.

When people enter your contest, make it easy for them to recommend the contest to their friends, as well.

The more people they persuade to enter your contest, the more chances THEY will have to win! This is a real motivator for people… Even if each entrant recommends your contest to only two other people, it won’t take long for your list to grow exponentially!

Viral Tip #5: Create a viral video

Another way to get the word out about your product is to create a video and post it on a social media site like YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing site that allows you to watch and post videos for free.

… It’s also one of the most popular social networking sites on the Web!

To get your product in front of millions of potential customers, make a short, informative video (up to five minutes long max) that solves a problem your customers have, or offers a quick demo of how your product works, or even features testimonials from happy customers.

Then make SURE you place a link back to your website, either on the same page as the video OR within the video itself. That’ll encourage YouTube users to recommend your video to other members within the YouTube community — which means MORE traffic to your site!

So there they are — five easy ways to create “viral messages” that will spread the word about your business to the far corners of the ‘Net.

These are incredibly effective traffic generation strategies — and if you start using at least one or two of them, I guarantee you will see a surge of qualified visitors coming to your site!
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How To Marketing Your Home Business Thru The Internet And Attract Prospects Successfully

Consumers are increasingly resorting to the Internet to compare product prices and quality, research companies and buy products online.

Therefore, any home business not making use of the internet to advertise their business, services and products can lose important customers.

It is very simple and cost-effective to advertise online and there are many consultants, software packages, websites and other marketing tools that you can use to create an online presence.

Regardless of the marketing system you use, internet marketing starts with generating traffic or visitors to visit your website, mainly because you are selling a service or a product.

So primarily, you need to create your website in order that you can connect with customers and display information about your services and products.

Turning your prospects into clients through your website can be successfully done with copywriting and getting your prospects unto your website is called website marketing.

Here is how you can market your home business in the internet successfully:

1. Build your website, it should:

• Be easy to navigate

• Fast download time

• Have good quality and informative content

• Have opt-in email

• Encourage Bookmarks. On your webpage, remind your visitors to “bookmark” your website if they want. If they do, chances are, they will visit again.

• Be regularly updated. Occasionally provide new resources or information. Offer freebies like ezines.

• Provide your contact information.

2. Memorable domain name. Look for a specific “domain name” that speaks of your products as well as it is catchy.

3. Post your website in search engines. Nobody will discover your website if you do not announce it. Post it on search engines like Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, Google and Alta Vista.

4. Link Exchange. Exchanging Links are effective in exposing your website to individuals who are interested already in the subject matter that has something to do with your site.

Look for other successful websites whose content are related in your subject and propose to trade links.

5. Newsgroups. Usenet newsgroups are specifically for publicizing new websites. This is another effective method to let online users know that your site exists.

A website that is well-promoted and well designed brings feedback from potential or current customers, increase customer base, intensify your home business’ visibility and assist you reach yours and your business’ objectives.

All of these make all your efforts in promoting and announcing your website indeed, time spent wisely.

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