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The Journey Is Long and the Burdens are Light

When we are born, we start a journey that makes life interesting and challenging. Life is all about changes.There are ups and downs along the way. We make changes from childhood to adolescence. We change from being a child of a house to an adulthood and independence. And we make big changes through marriage, parenthood and even becoming a grandparent.

Moving from the world of work and active life to retirement and your golden years is a huge change for people. There are lifestyle changes, changes to your goals and priorities and even how people view you.

When you move from getting a steady paycheck to living on your Social Security and retirement, that is a major shift in your expectations and how you plan your life.

The saddest thing we see when it comes to people in late 50’s are those who are depending on Social Security to be the sole means of their support in retirement. While Social Security is a fine program, it has created a false perception of “security” that somehow one day the government will take care of you in your old age. The truth is that if you are depending on any outside agency to be your means of support in your retirement years, your assurance that you will be conformable in your retirement years is not assured. Many people have been disappointed!

Even if you are currently working at a job that has a retirement program like the Kiwi Saver for example, you may still be allowing yourself to “depend” on your job to be there for you when you get to retirement age. And the disappointing stories of the elderly who finally arrive at retirement age to discover that what they thought they could depend on was not reliable are tragic.

You cannot always trust that the managers of your retirement account at work are handling the money correctly.

By taking control over your financial future today,(investing into profitable ventures) you are putting the security of your funds and the planning that you will have what you need when those wonderful years come along. This will lighten your burdens and enjoy your life in peace.

It’s a good feeling to put the management of your financial future in your own hands in preparation for retirement.

“The Twitter Report”-Summary,Review & How To get Your Free Report

I just finished reading a new report by Walter M. Prorok Jr. and Chris Vendilli. Inside this report Walt & Chris talk about the in’s & out’s of configuring your Twitter account along with some free third party services to maximize your traffic & exposure.

I was skeptical at first, but after reading through the whole report and watching a couple of the videos available at their website I must say, I’m beyond impressed.

These two guys have been silently attracting visitor after visitor to their sites using Twitter, and they’ve created a step by step guide so that anyone can replicate their ideas & systems.

Yes, that’s right, it’s another “system.” Most of us, as marketers, have pretty much come to recognize the word “system” as overused and often incorrectly placed. But, with “The Twitter Report” and the videos that follow, this stuff really is formatted into what you could correctly label a “system” at it’s finest.

Walt & Chris have uncovered every known tip & trick for setting up your Twitter account to give you maximum return per tweet, while keeping everything on auto-pilot as much as possible. They leave nothing to question and go pretty in depth.

Most of the stuff they cover includes many things you could likely figure out on your own, however, this report can save you the time & aggravation of having to go through trial and error while you make the same mistakes they’ve already made for you, & neatly documented along the way.

Why waste time, energy, and money trying to figure it all out on your own when you could just see how it all worked out for them and simply follow their suggestions, which are already proven to work successfully?

After reading the report and watching some of the videos I give TwitterHints.com two enthusiastic thumbs up, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of this new wave of communications & hyper-connectedness.

You’ll learn how to configure your settings, which 3rd party sites to join & how to set them up to run campaigns automatically, and much more.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy “The Twitter Report” as much as I did and you can go check it out here:


Employees: “Do You Have A Back-Up Plan?”


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One thing’s for sure, running your own business can earn you FAR more money than being an employee.

This raises questions for many people who currently hold a job. Which functions will continue to be performed by employees and which jobs might eventually be outsourced?

Why not start looking at starting your own business on a part-time basis.
Nearly every hobby can be turned into a business, even online.

Starting your own business offers many benefits that traditional employment does not. This passion greatly increases the odds of a long and successful business of your OWN.

Ask questions at work. Take notice what jobs always seem hard to fill, and which jobs seem to pay higher and higher salaries. Find out which jobs are beginning to be outsourced. Before you spend any money on your new Internet business, grab a copy of my special work at home report.

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Lifeonthenet7.com Update – More Profit-Pulling Services Added


Time is ticking and we are already in the second month. Our New Year resolutions are still fresh in mind. Many people are implementing what was planned while others have forgotten about them.

I have tried to stick to my plans… I had planned to make changes to my website, that is to increase traffic and make more sales this year.

Last year my website did not have enough targeted visitors, hence lower sales and lower income. Firstly I hired the service of one of the SEO experts, Suzanne who optimized my web pages for my chosen key words. Her service is great and she even throws in a FREE SEO ebook and simple guide to help you in your marketing strategy. She is the cheapest on the market. I urge you to order one of her service upgrade packs.

I also embarked on a project to build lots of good and high quality one way links. I hired Ready Rank,a division of IMC(search).
They have a program called g Plus+ that supercharge your website with essentials and traffic needed to start a success and profitable online marketing. This include:

1.19 new one way links for first month and 4 new one way links to the site every month thereby keep your link popularity growing.

2.Google local indexing,free traffic from Google

3.Unlimited PPC style traffic from over 200 “niche” search engines

My second strategy was to add more profitable programs to my site. Thankfully, Stone Evans, the home Biz Guy and most successful GURU in affiliate marketing discovered one of the most cutting edge marketing system that has ever been created in the entire internet- Webprosperity.

This program provides a compensation plan that can pay multiple times than what other companies’ plan pay you for same activity.
Webprosperity has the best selling products on the market today- generating EASY commission for you! 🙂

Another program that is of interest to you is a website hosting service- Host Gator
This is another place to host your website if you are on a tight budget. The services are great.

In addition,we have hostthenprofit services with a 100% leverage. This company has paid over 300 million in commission in the last 2 months. It is a service to recon with at the moment

The above strategies have made huge impact to my website. There is tremendous improvement in traffic generation and sales.

I hope this article has generated interest that you should also go with your plan and achieve what you want in life.

Lowell Thomas wrote-“Do a little more each day than you possibly can”

Charles Kaluwasha

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Newbies- Never Go Solo, find a Mentor and be Successful


Starting a home business is not as simple as it sounds. The journey is steep and thorn. Sometimes it is dark, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt it when I started my Internet business. I had no one to guide me. I signed up every program I came across, dished out my only hard earned dollar. I made no progress until I came across a mentoring program called

This is where all the successful entrepreneurs gain the insight of running a successful online business. This program has been proved to be a success for many business owners, both newbies and the Guru’s. As a result, more people are enrolling on this program.
Below are a couple of typical quotes from people who have been on the program.
“The mentoring program has been excellent,I was able to reflect on my business operations”

Brian Tracy says:

“The fastest way for you to succeed is by piggy-backing on the good advice and counsel of men and women who have already spent years learning how to succeed. When you do this on a regular and systematic basis, you will open up doors of opportunity and possibilities for you that today you cannot even imagine.”

So if you want to supercharge your business to its height and improve your leadership potential, Empowerism is the best program for you. You have videos,e books,access to forum and all business resources available on the internet.

When you enroll and refer others to this program, you are paid instant cash and an on going residual income for the life time of that member. You see, not only will you be improving your business skills, but also fatten your bank account every week!!

If it is good for the PRO’s, why should you struggle going it ‘solo’ and get lost in the jungle? Just enroll and if it is completely risk-free because you are covered by 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose except not trying. So what are you waiting for, join the successful entrepreneurs and become one the history makers with empowerism

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