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The Second Step of Success

The Second Step of Success
© Charlie Page

It seems that there are more and more people today who
are targeting “newbies”. You’ve seen the ads and read
the websites.

They sit in front of their fancy cars. They show you
videos of their new homes. They display screen shots of
their massive bank accounts.

Give me a break!

Everyone wants to show you how to make your “first
$1000″ online and many seem to promise that you will
never have to work or learn anything.

Just plug into their proven system, they claim, and you
can lay back and live the good life while their
marketing funnel or system or program does all the
heavy lifting.

As my good friend Paul Myers says, that’s what comes
out of the south end of a north bound bull.

It takes work to make money online. Hard work. Don’t
let anyone fool you about that.

But this article is not about the programs or their
owners – it’s about you.

It’s about the people who have tried and lost money
with the “programs”.

And it’s about those who have found some success with
affiliate marketing and now want to do more.

It’s about people who need to take the SECOND step
toward success.

I believe there are four things that people need in
order to take that second step.

There are more than these four, of course, that a
person *could* do but I believe these four steps lay a
firm foundation for long term success online.

And that’s the goal – LONG term success. Not simply
“cash this week”.

If you want to get off of the opportunity treadmill and
start building a real online business of your own, then
you will want to read the information below carefully.

So let’s look at these “fab four” (are you old enough
to remember that one?) and see how they can work for


Ken Evoy had it right so many years ago – you *need* a
website of your own. Happily, there are tools that make
it easier than ever. Here are a few ideas.

Ken’s company (SBI) makes it very easy for anyone to
build a website.

Many web hosting companies offer templates that make
building a site quick and easy.

Content Management Systems allow you to log in and
create a site of your own that can have various
sections and will be neatly organized.

You can go it alone, as many of us did in the “old
days” and learn a product like DreamWeaver or

You can hire a person to build a site for you for a
very low cost now.

No matter how you choose to do it, you need a site of
your own. One that can change as quickly as you want it
to change, and one where you can promote anything you
want, any way you want.


You may be thinking “if I hear another online guy say I
need a list of my own I’ll scream!”

Well go ahead and scream because here goes.

You NEED a list of your own.

Having your own mailing list is THE most important part
of your online success.


With a list you can share from your experience.

With a list you can promote ideas and products you are
passionate about.

With a list you can help others avoid the mistakes you
have made along the way.

With a list you can be a true joint venture partner.

With a list you can discover what other people need and
provide it to them and earn money in the process – a
true win-win.

But WITHOUT a list you will *forever* be at the mercy
of others.

I hope that does not sound cold or cruel because that
is not my intent. But it IS true.

Want proof?

If Yanik Silver or Alex Mandossian or Mark Victor
Hansen or Stone Evans had something they wanted to
promote how would they do it?

They would promote to their lists and then find other
list owners and offer them a percentage of sales if the
list owner promoted for them. That’s called a joint

They would buy ads in ezines that match their product
and make sales. That’s called ezine advertising.

They would offer articles to ezine publishers who would
run those articles free. That’s called article

OK – that’s enough.

If you want to progress online, you will eventually see
the light and begin building a list.

So why not start now?


You need a product of your own. Something that is
unique to you and that you have created.

But you don’t have to build that product from scratch.

First, WHY do you need a product of your own?

With a product of your own you keep all the money on
direct sales.

With a product of your own you can have affiliates do
the selling for you and only pay them when sales are

With a product of your own you can attract joint
venture partners and get into the inner circle of
active online marketers. And that is a good place to

With a product of your own you can build a mailing list
easily by offering a discount, free trial, more
information etc.

Now, HOW do you create a product quickly and easily?
Here are three proven methods.

1. Conduct a teleseminar and sell the audio, transcript
or both as your own product. You could interview
someone outstanding in their field, have a roundtable
discussion or more.

2. Buy a product with “source code rights” and modify
it to make it your own. This is incredibly easy to do.
In fact, I wrote a book about it that you can find at

3. Hire someone on a service like eLance to write a
book for you or create a piece of software to solve a
common problem. Think that is too hard or expensive?
Think again. I know of people who spent a few hundred
on this and have made quite literally six figures from
that investment.


We all seem to love the word “system”. In fact, if you
want to sell something online you almost have to have
the word “system” in the name or sales letter. And
that’s fine.

But what is a “marketing system” anyway and how can you
build one?

A marketing system is simply using automation
everywhere you can.

Here are two examples.

1. Instead of sending a thank you email every time an
order is placed you set up an autoresponder to send
that message for you.

2. Instead of placing ads manually you set up a Google
pay per click campaign that runs every day but costs
you no more than $5 on any day.

These are only two examples of building a system. More
will follow in my next ezine.

You can dance around the mulberry bush all you want,
and goodness knows I did when I first started out, but
you will eventually find these things to be true.

You need your own website to say what you want to say
online, to sell your own product and build your own

Without your own product and list, you will forever be
marginalized to making a percentage of sales vs. 100%
on your own product and will forever be at the whim of
people who have their own list.

Without your own automated system you will end up
spending too much time at the computer and not realize
the full potential of doing business online, which
means not only lots of money but

the time to enjoy that
blessing as well.

And time to enjoy the fruits of your labor is a
beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number. http://www.RealWorldTactics.com


10 Profitable Reasons To Add A Discussion Or Chat Room To Your Web Site

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10 Profitable Reasons To Add A Discussion
Board Or Chat Room To Your Web Site
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

1. You’ll be able to communicate with your visitors.
They’ll begin to trust you and get to know you on a
more personal level. People will purchase products
quicker from somebody they already know and trust.

2. People will revisit your web site to participate on
your discussion board or chat room. They will meet
other people with similar interests and your web site
will become a hang out were they can chat.

3. You can learn important information about your
visitors by reading the conversations they have. They
may chat about your web site or products. With this
information you could learn to market your products
more effectively.

4. You could answer the questions your visitors ask
in your online communities. You’ll become known as
an expert by giving the answers to their questions.
This will give you and your business more credibility.

5. You could teach a free online class using your chat
room. This will give you an expert status and increase
traffic to your web site by offering the free class.

6. When your discussion board or chat room becomes
popular, you could sell advertising space on them. This
will give you an extra income stream for your web site.

7. You can network with other businesses by having
a chat room or discussion board. You could exchange
business ideas, leads, advertising, etc.

8. You could allow other web sites who don’t have
a discussion board or chat room to use yours. You
will get free advertising by allowing them to link to
your online community.

9. When you have a discussion board or chat room
you can get free advertising by listing them in online
community directories. You can also join web rings
with similar discussion topics.

10. You can make money by advertising your own
products and services on your discussion board or
chat room. You could also join other people’s affiliate
programs and make commissions advertising them.

About the Author:
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy has helped thousands of people
in over 200 countries around the world start and run a
successful home business. Discover 3 easy steps to start
your own home business and subscribe to The Home Biz Guy’s
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Quote of the Day:

“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” — William

Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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Affiliate Success Checklist

Affiliate Success Checklist
© Charlie Page

If you are not yet making a full time living online,
and want to, then you will like what this article
offers – practical advice to help you build a rock
solid foundation for success.

It all starts with something you have heard about, but
might not have yet mastered … affiliate marketing.

Do you understand affiliate marketing?

Do you know what is required to succeed as an

Most people don’t, which is a shame because this method
of making money online is very powerful indeed.

The reality is this – making money as an affiliate is
the easiest way to get started making money online.

After 10 years of working online I believe that
affiliate marketing is the foundation of most true
success stories, and can quite easily create a full
time income with little or no overhead or technical

And that is just too good a situation to pass up!

So let’s look together at what affiliate marketing is,
and then I will share my own “affiliate marketing
checklist” and provide a few *free* resources to help

Sound good? Then let’s get started.


Being an affiliate simply means that you sell someone
else’s product and earn a commission when you do so.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ‘affiliate’ this

Affiliate: [verb] To associate as a member herself with the local club>

That’s exactly correct. When you become an affiliate
you are associating with the product or service you
will be selling.

You are loaning them your reputation.

Don’t forget that.

Every email you send, every contact you make, reflects
on you. And the company’s action will reflect on you as
well, so choose wisely.

So, being an affiliate is simply a fancy Internet way
of saying that you are going to be a commissioned


Yes, it does. It is true that you can make very good
money with affiliate programs, but it is not automatic.

You must still understand the PROCESS of marketing and
do the work.

But if you choose great programs, do some of the work
(and take advantage of the tools they offer) you can
grow a powerful income in a short period of time.

It’s equally true that you can waste tons of time and
money on them and your reputation can suffer if you
don’t choose carefully.

That is why it is vitally important that you understand
as much as you can about any program you join online.
If it makes sense to you, it will make sense to others
to whom you offer the product or program.

If it does not make sense to you (and especially if you
are confused) the by all means *wait* until you fully
understand what they are offering.

Over the years I have developed a checklist of 10
things people need to know before taking the plunge
into the world of affiliate marketing.

This checklist has proven invaluable to my clients and
friends, and I hope it helps you as well.



If your passion is embroidery, you probably won’t do
too well with car parts sites. Stick with what you know
at first and, once you learn how to promote on the
Internet, move on to different products.


Don’t just jump in because it’s easy. Ask yourself this
question; is the product or service you are affiliating
with something you would bring to your best friend? If
not, you may want to keep looking.


Ask for a list of happy affiliates. Ask them some key
questions such as did they get the help and support
promised? Are they being paid on time? You get the


If your first arrangement doesn’t pan out, don’t give
up. Many people on the net are making excellent incomes
with affiliate programs. You can too.


Make a checklist of everything you want, find two who
meet the criteria, and go all out with those two.
Remember that it will be your reputation on the line.


You need to ask how well the product or service you
will be promoting ‘converts’. Conversion is simply the
number of people per 100 who buy something.

For example, at the Directory of Ezines we convert 8 of
every 100 visitors to buyers. We know this because we
do the hard work of analyzing our traffic and sales,
and have for 10 years now.

This is the hard work that affiliates never have to do,
which is why being an affiliate is so much fun! You
make the money but don’t have to do the copy writing or
figure out conversions or any of the back-office stuff.

For most established products you will promote you can
expect this number to range from .5% to about 10%.
Anything higher or lower and you need to be careful
about them telling you the truth.

Also, be aware that ‘hot’ products convert well while
they are hot but conversion drops with time. So be sure
to get *current* conversion figures.


Most affiliate programs track using ‘cookies’ that are
set on the visitor’s machine. You need to know how long
this cookie lasts and if it can be overwritten.

The reason this is important is that it will change how
you market.

If a company has a short cookie duration then you want
to focus on ads that make the sale now. If they have a
long duration you can use other methods (like banners)
that are more passive.

You also want to know if the cookie can be overwritten.

If it can, then someone who first learned about product
X from you, but clicks another link to buy, will not
earn you the commission you deserve.

Neither of these factors are good or bad (Amazon has an
incredibly short cookie but people still make fortunes
as affiliates for them) but are worth knowing.


This means do you get paid when someone you refer buys
a second product? This is vitally important. People
often buy two, three or more products from one site.
You should earn commissions for every product they buy.


If you send someone to a site where they pay a monthly
or quarterly fee, do you get paid every time or just
once? You should get paid every time.


Most people don’t know, or have the time, to write ads
and create banners or graphics. You should expect the
program you join to provide these tools as well as some
training on how to sell their products.

>>> WHERE TO FIND GOOD AFFILIATE PROGRAMS <<< My favorite tool for finding great products to sell as
an affiliate is Affiliates Alert.

They offer a free version, which does an excellent job.
As soon as you’ve earned some affiliate income, you
might want to consider the Pro version, as I did.

You can get the free version here …


Forums are excellent resources to learn what really
works. Here are my top three forum choices.

1. Anthony Blake’s Marketing Forum


2. The Warriors of Internet Marketing.


3. Michael Green’s Marketing Forum



Here are THREE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES that will help you
succeed as an affiliate fast.

Allan Gardyne of Associate Programs.com. Great advice
from a guy who has been there.

Jim Daniels of BizWeb fame. He started an affiliate
portal a while ago that seems to be working well. A
great site to learn and earn.

Without a doubt, using ClickBank to find products is
the smart choice for a serious affiliate. It costs
nothing to become an affiliate and they offer over
11,000 products. Many a real-life fortune has been made
promoting ClickBank products. http://www.clickbank.com


If you are committed to quality, and only offer your
people quality resources, time will become your ally
and your affiliate commissions alone can quite
literally pay for the lifestyle of your dreams.

The best way to start is to choose three programs that
meet your criteria, and let them teach you how to be
successful with their program.

After all, when you win, they win.

And that’s a beautiful way to make a living online.

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number. http://www.RealWorldTactics.com

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