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Starting Your Home Based Business On A Shoestring Budget

Starting Your Home Based Business On A Shoestring Budget
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Whether seeking a supplemental income or a full-time income,
many folks have undertaken the task to discover a viable home
based business solution to meet their personal needs.

For most folks who contemplate a home business, a low-cost or
no-cost solution is not only nice, but also very necessary. Many
also seek to find a home business that will permit them to
maintain their regular day job in order to protect their base

Taking the cautious approach to a home based business and
keeping one`s job during the start-up period is often a very
good decision. By maintaining one`s job, one can maintain the
health of their personal finances while permitting their home
business grow healthy and strong.

Fortunately, most home based businesses can be started with
little or no cash, can be maintained on a shoestring budget, and
can be operated successfully with only a part-time investment.

One day, the business will be strong enough to support itself
and its owner. When that time comes, it will make good sense for
the business owner to leave his or her outside job to dedicate
more time to growing and maintaining their new thriving home
based business. You will know when that time has finally arrived.

The nature of a home based business makes it easy and very
realistic for most folks to take the plunge into home business

Yet, many folks put off starting their own home based business,
because they have the misconception that they will have to risk
thousands of their own hard-earned dollars at start-up. Then
later, if their business fails, they fear they may be forced to
take out a second mortgage on their house just to stay out of

Are you one of these folks? Do you let your fears of failure
keep you from reaching for your dreams?

If so, then allow me to introduce you to a few home business
ideas that you can start for less than $100 and can be started
and operated very profitably as a part-time business.


First of all, let me advise you to search out a business model
that will deliver steady and repeat business. It is the one
thing — above all others — that will assure that your
company can survive the test of time.

Home-based mail order is a good example of how one can quickly
grow a home business income. Mail order is a low cost start-up
business that can be launched for around $100 USD.

With proper planning, your home-based mail order business will
not require up-front inventory purchases. In the mail order
business, it is not uncommon to rely upon drop-shippers for
product fulfillment services.

By utilizing drop-shippers, we can sell the products, collect
the money and then purchase the products from the wholesale
outlet. The wholesale outlet will then put a return address for
your company on the product packaging and deliver the product
directly to your customer.

Your primary expense in the mail-order business is advertising.
Classified advertising tends to be a relatively inexpensive form
of advertising with thousands of outlets available to the small
business owner.

Buy low — sell high. You can acquire high quality,
top-of-the-line merchandise for a fraction of the retail cost.

Auctions can be an excellent source for buying cheap and selling
high. Both government auctions and Internet auctions can lead to
some excellent profit opportunities. Auctions are an excellent
tool for both acquiring and selling merchandise.

Crafts are a hot seller at country fairs, swap meets or anyplace
where people gather. Make your own crafts and sell them for a
tidy profit!

Selling information by mail is another good example of an
inexpensive home based business start-up. One can gain the
resale rights to information for usually about $50 USD. Other
costs will include printer cartridges, paper and postage. There
are plenty of free classifieds sites on the Internet, in which
to successfully advertise your information.

Write and publish your own informational booklets; sell them at
a high price! All you need is a little know-how, a printer,
paper and stamps. This is a GREAT home business idea! You can
also sell the resale rights to others, for extra profits. In
this age of the Internet, you may also take advantage of the
fact that selling information is one of the most profitable
endeavors one can pursue online.

Offer office services for hire in your local paper. You`ll be
surprised at the amount of regular office business that can be
gleaned from one little classified ad. Word processing, typing,
accounting, data entry, proofreading, transcription, promotional
letters and newsletters. All these tasks can be accomplished
right from your own home office.

Yes, NEW IMAGE`s been around for eternity, hasn`t it? Then it`s not
such a bad prospect as a home based business, is it? I once knew
a woman who did so much business as a NEW IMAGE rep. that she had
people calling her and knocking at her door wanting to order
products at all hours of the day and night! Once you are an
established New Image representative, you, too, will turn a good

On your search for the ideal home based business, try not to get
caught up in any scams that will run off with your money. There
are thousands of scam artists out there just waiting for the
next sucker to come along. Remember, if it sounds too good to be
true, then it probably is. Just use your good judgement and
invest wisely in proven methods of earning extra income.

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“– Jonathan Mizel, Autoresponse Seminar”

“The most important thing that you can capture from a
customer is NOT his money. It’s…”

“If you don’t use a sequential follow up system, I
can’t imagine that you’re going to be very

“When this system came around, it really changed our
lives. And, it will also change your life. I don’t
care what you’re selling.”

“The SECRET to getting more money out of your
customer base is…”

“Did you ever hear that expression, ‘You laugh all the
way to the bank’? Well, we don’t even do that anymore,
because the money comes in, and it’s automatically sent
into our bank account! We just laugh!”

About this seminar, Jonathan Says:
“These are totally unique methods. I have not seen
people reveal how to do this anywhere else. They
have doubled and tripled our response. They squeeze
more money out of these prospects.”

Jonathan calls AWeber:
“A systematic process that sucks the maximum amount
of cash out of each prospect.”

Magic Power of Autoresponders

Copyright © Charles Kaluwasha

Autoresponders are crucial for any online business because you are able to reply instantly to any queries, send follow-ups automatically to your prospects, thus saving you time to do other things. The tool can be leased or purchased from web hosting companies such as Aweber.

When I was young, I used to wonder how and when the graves were dug, because I did not see them being dug when ever I accompanied a funeral procession. Later ,I inquired and discovered that the grave-diggers went to dig at night when everybody was asleep. I can liken autoresponders to the grave diggers. They do the work for you even when you are away on holiday, sleeping or playing golf. This is what is called-working smart!.
Before I launched my automated e-commerce business, I used to work hard every time as an affiliate of a direct selling network company. To succeed in this business one had to make phone calls to book for appointments, then make personal follow-ups. I had the fear of rejections, disappointments and the likes. The rewards were hard to come by. I became stressed out and washed out like an underground miner. My sleep was deprived, putting my health, quality of life and even length of my life at risk. I almost gave up and thought to myself, “why should I suffer when I have my normal job”. My mental ability was affected, I could not concentrate effectively on my daily activities and sleeping pattern was altered.
New research indicates that 40% of people who get fewer than seven hours of sleep put their health at risk for example, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, weight gains and many other problems such as headaches, stomach ulcers and their bodies under go degenerative changes resulting into premature aging as a result of depleted growth hormones that are responsible for making us look good (The Howard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep). Growth hormones are essential in the body as they increase muscle body mass, maintaining skin elasticity or texture- to look good and sexy. Lack of sleep causes the opposite.
To avoid all these effects, I decided to launch an automated email marketing campaign for the success of my business.
The automated email system enables you to reply immediately to the requested information, send automatic follow-ups to your prospects thereby saving you tones of time. I have discovered that the autoresponder tool sends emails and replies automatically with a pre-written response to prospects’ email addresses. All those who visit your website and sign up for an onlne news letter will be followed up instantly.

Advantages of Autoresponders

This is a great tool to have on your website, whether you are promoting an affiliate program or selling your own products or services…this is a must have tool.
It allows you to capture the email addresses of your visitors, enabling you to build your own opt-in targeted mailing list and follow-up with your subscribers automatically.
Autoresponders capture the prospect’s name and use this information in the subsequent follow-up messages. You can even send a personalised follow-up messages to each subscriber directly by their names, there by building a personal relationship.
With the help of autoresponders, you can sell your products or services 24hours a day, 7days a week and 365 days a year…this is like a tireless sales man working for you day and night without hassles. Learn more here>> http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/getresponse

This tool helps you to follow-up with series of email messages at stipulated times and works for you round the clock while you are sleeping or relaxing with your family.
Automated system ensures that follow-up messages are accomplished without additional effort from you apart from the one time set-up process in your autoresponder.
There is a 100% increase in sales as a result of pre-set intervals of 5 times post your initial set-up.
Many of the internet GURUS state that autoresponders are great for sales letters to individuals,forums and groups. One example would be, if you offered a free post about your markerting company using your autoresponder email, and when any of the forum users reads the free report, he or she would be directed to your sales page of the related product you are promoting. If you set up a pre-defined answer to a likely question, the autoresponder will handle this instantly. This is a great saving and working smarter concept!.

There are many services providing this tool on the NET. One has to be careful in choosing. Most web-host companies offer simple autoresponders, some of which are web-based that allows you to send series of emails to a visitor who subscribes to your free news letter. The advantage of this service is that it is very easy to set up and is reliable.However, it has one disadvantage in that, you are not permitted to run or have access to all the features that email autoresponders can give you.
The other option is to buy a program that has an increased flexibility to suit your needs for example, getresponse . I use GetResponse because it is the most feature-rich and reliable autoresponder on the market today that also provides a free set-up option. If you want to know more about this service, click here>> autoresponsePlus.com
If you don’t want to deal with all the hassles of setting up your own Magic and profit-pulling autoresponder campaign, Stone Evans, the Home Business Guy has developed a service that sets up an autoresponder for you, loaded with Powerful 400 days pre-written emails into your own website and provides you with a step-by-step instruction on how to build your opt-in list for good returns on your investment. To learn more, click here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-19259

About the Author:

Charles Kaluwasha

To find the best home based business ideas and
opportunities so you can work at home visit:

Veriuni Natural Product Causing Weight Loss Crazy

Copyright © Charles Kaluwasha
Veriuni Natural Product Causing Weight Loss Crazy The Advanced Veriuni natural product is causing a wave of excitement for people wanting to lose weight. The gift of nature has zero carbs and zero calories. Not to mention the bulking properties that gives you a full feeling,making you eat less,giving you energy,mental alertness and helps people to live life to the fullest everyday.This Advanced Natural weight loss product comes in different flavors to make it ideal for your liking. It has full array of nutrients to keep you healthy while losing those unwanted pounds, this will make you look and feel great!Learn more here.


About the Author:

To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:



Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down

Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down
(c) Charlie Page

Have you ever heard the story of the baby eagle that
fell from it’s nest only to land in a family of

He grew up thinking he was a turkey.

He ate with the turkeys.
He slept with the turkeys.
He even acted like a turkey.

But he knew in his heart that he wasn’t a turkey. And
one day he looked up to see an eagle soaring
majestically in the afternoon sky.

At that moment he knew that he was an eagle.

When it comes to websites that want to sell you
something, there are turkeys and there are eagles.

If you want to save the time and heartbreak of wasting
both time and money, it will be important to be able to
spot the eagles, and avoid the turkeys.

Here’s how you can do that.


1. They “Teach” What They Have Not Yet Experienced

Ah, my personal pet peeve. The Internet is littered
with sales letters written by people who have only sold
their “how to” book or audio or membership.

They haven’t done what they ‘teach’. They just sell

They read books, visit forums, ask questions, and
restate what people tell them. Then they sell it.

Sure, they know how to write a sales letter and sound
slick, but they have not experienced operating and
succeeding in an online business themselves.

If you are considering buying a product, look first to
see that the person behind the product is walking the
walk, not just talking the talk.

2. They Use Very High Pressure Techniques

Today we are seeing more and more “one time offers”
than ever before. These pages begin with “You will only
see this page once!” and then go on to make some
outrageous offer where you get a million dollars worth
of stuff for about 15 cents.

Sure. Right. Okay.

Why is such incredible pressure necessary? It’s not
necessary, but it works. And because it works more and
more sites are using it, and more and more consumers
are getting hurt.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to the
problem of high pressure sales tactics …

Don’t buy the offer.

After all, how many of these offers have you bought and
never used?

3. They Lie

Here’s one example. They send you something “free” that
is valued at over a hundred bucks. But when you click
the link and get to the page you discover that you have
to buy something to get the freebie.

And who in the world invented the phrase “ethical

That’s like saying “good bad guy” or “diet cheesecake”.

I think we’re smarter than that, don’t you?

4. They Are Almost Always Negative

Have you noticed how some websites make you feel? Some
sites just make you want to jump off a bridge.
Everything is dark, negative, and full of fear. If you
don’t act now you will lose your chance forever!

Of course, their product can solve the problem. 😉

Yeah. Right. Okay.

If you find a website that tells you that email is dead
or the chance to succeed is passing you by or any other
fear related motivators my advice is simple …

Close the browser.

Find someone who is looking up and will share openly
(and specifically) how you can get your share of the
success you want and deserve. Find an eagle.


1. They Have Rock Solid Experience

It’s easy to spot the real people when you know what to
look for. The people you can trust will usually have
either a very deep level of knowledge about one subject
or solid knowledge on various topics.

The knowledge and experience a person has will usually
express itself in the form of information products,
articles, information on a website, or a combination of
these things.

If you look, you should be able to find other products
or (preferably) free articles or an ezine you can read
to get a sense of who the person is before parting with
your money.

2. They Share Openly

There is always a pull for people who succeed online
between giving free advice and selling their products.
That’s natural and to be expected.

It’s unfair to expect people who sell information to
give away everything they know free.

But if the answer you get to *every* question you ask
is “buy my product” then be very careful about doing
business with that person.

People who are succeeding online are making enough
money that they don’t require that every phone call or
email result in a sale.

3. They Can Be Reached

If you can’t reach someone by phone or email with a
question, then watch out.

This is not to say that everyone out there will answer
their own phone or reply to your email in five minutes.

But there is a growing trend among websites to not
answer pre-sale or non-customer questions at all, and
that must stop.

After all, you will be paying your hard-earned money,
and they can’t take 2 minutes to answer your question?
I don’t think so.

Would you buy a suit or dress from a store that never
answers their phone? Probably not.

Remember this – the level of access you get to a person
before a sale happens is often an indicator of the type
of support you will receive after the sale.

4. They Lift You Up, Not Put You Down

Great websites lift you up and help you see the
possibilities without resorting to hype. They encourage
you that you can learn what you need to know and
accomplish your goals. They speak (as much as a website
can) about you and your goals, not how wonderful they
are and how much you should want to be like them.

There is a fine line here that can be discerned very
easily. Does the site make you feel good – feel like
there are possibilities for you, or not?

To be sure, there are talented writers who write
uplifting sales letters for sites that simply won’t
deliver the real thing, so be careful.

If you rely on more than one factor to make your
decision about the site’s credibility, you will protect
yourself and avoid falling in among the turkeys.

The three things to remember are these …

1. There are turkeys in the land.
2. Eagles don’t fly with turkeys.
3. You were born to be an eagle.

When you choose who you do business with based on a
combination of the things above, you will move quickly
toward doing business with people who want more than
just your money … they want you to succeed.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!


NOTE: The idea for this article came from what may be
the best sermon I’ve ever heard. If you want to read
the original story please visit
http://www.parkavenuebookstore.com and look for the
book “Turkeys and Eagles”

Charlie Page helps people succeed online. How can he
help you? Find out now at his main site or call his
toll free number. http://www.RealWorldTactics.com


Not an affiliate yet? Become one
today at http://www.realworldtactics.com



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College Station, TX

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