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Passengers on a Ship Discover Hidden Treasure On an Island

Recently a movie came out called Passengers.

[Story  narrated  by Michael Force, Founder and CEO, Digital Altitude]

It was about a group of people on their way to a new planet… 130 years away.  (They’re in hibernation of course!)

 Things take a twist when a ship malfunction causes two of them to wake up 90 years too early.

 Stranded, alone and with no way to go back to sleep, they face a whole host of problems that test them to their core.

 As I’ve thought back about that film, I realize that it’s a great metaphor for what online marketers face.

 Most of us start out stranded, alone and faced with a tremendous amount of obstacles that stand in our way.

 Fortunately for us, if we fail we’re not going to be sucked out into space.

 Instead,  we’ll be stranded in a dead end job that slowly sucks the soul from our bodies.

 Stuck in a routine,  we’ll have enough to survive… but never enough to thrive and truly enjoy everything life has to offer.

Jesus taught  his  people on striving for salvation. He likened  the  kingdom of  heaven was like  treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and  for  joy over it he  went and  sold all  that  he  had and  bought that  field. He  had  abundance  for  the  rest of  his  life[Matthew 13:44-46].

On another  parable, Jesus  likened the  kingdom of  heaven to a merchant seeking a beautiful pearls, who, when he  had  found one pearl of  great  price, went and  sold all that he  had and bought it. What  was the  outcome? Had  an abundance  wealth  and good  lifestyle[Matthew 13:44-46].

 Yet when you join us at our ASCEND event in Maui this March, you’ll be put on a rocket ship to success.

Rather than slog through tough times and challenges, you’ll shortcut your time to the top of the mountain.

 Frankly, there is absolutely no need for you to suffer while you try to “figure it out.”

 Instead, just model everything that our 6 and 7-Figure members are already doing!

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