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Play It Again SAM

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM – The old saying for
“Run that by me again”

I know you have heard it over and over and over again – but it
is important enough that I feel I need to sing this song again.

“Keep on keeping on.” – I hear from so many of you that you have
done everything you are suppose to do, but still nothing is happening.

How many times have you been driving and looking for something,
or a certain address and you drive and drive and finally say – well
I just can’t find it so I’m turning back.

You go back to the starting point and ask someone the directions –
they send you back in the same direction – you find out that if you had
made just one more curve you would have found your place you were
looking for. So close – yet so far.

This Internet Marketing game is the same way. You strive and strive
and strive and think you will never find your way. You give up for
awhile and then start back again – up this same highway you go – each
time you get a little farther – your destination will be just around the
next curve if you ‘keep on keeping on.’

You search a little harder – list a little harder – place your URL in more
places – you hit the search engines a little harder – you look for new
tools to help you succeed – you weed through all the hype and the

Finally one day – you start getting questions from your customers, you
find a few orders in your account – you get a few pros telling you what
you might do a little better to help you along. You realize at this point
that you are making some headway.

There is nothing magic about it – it is a time thing – you cannot build
trust from your customers overnight – trust is a precious thing and once
you build it – it is very important that you keep their trust by providing
good service, answering their questions in a timely manner – doing
everything you possibly can to keep that trust alive.

“Keep on Keeping on” is the theme you must embed into your mind.

Those who are persistent will meet their goal. They will find cluttered
along the highway many who did not have this persistence and will
speak with their dying voice that the internet is a scam and you cannot
make it up this super highway.

There was a lot of damage inflicted when the internet first came out.
That was just get a product, throw up a web page you you can
make millions overnight. For some reason this view of the internet has
lived on. Building your business on the internet is no different than
building your business in the real world. The only advantage being you
can do it with less funds.

The Internet is the greatest advantage presented to the world. There is
no prejudice, no bias – everyone has the same opportunity. The one
who runs the fastest gets the prize. The playing field is equal.


Sharon Lambkin
Publisher e4u Newsletter and creator of the Starter Kit Haven
Collection of Building Blocks, Manuals and help for beginners.
Resource Center is FREE to subscribers of the e4u Newsletter –
Permission granted to reprint this article as long as this
resource box is included.


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