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Powershop Gives Customers The Power To Control How Much Power They Use And Save Money



Do not pay power through the roof!

Dear family members, especially those in New Zealand.

The thing about electricity is that it’s pretty much always the same. Power companies on the other hand are very different. We found out a while back how one company has a genuinely different attitude, one based on proper service.

Powershop is designed for you to take control of your electricity usage and costs. They can do it all for you, like your current retailer, but they recommend a little involvement to get the most out of being a Powershop customer. Login to Powershop at least once a month to pick up cheaper power offers, enter a meter reading and learn more about your power usage. It only takes a few seconds a month to monitor, manage and save on your electricity costs.

The thing that puts some people off is switching, but at Powershop they’ve made even that easy. You can do it online in minutes and they’ll handle the whole process for you.

If  you sign up to Powershop by 31 May 2013, and once you’re switched over they’ll welcome you with a $50 Powershop account credit. There’s no risk either, because if after 60 days you find things aren’t working out, they’ll actually help you switch back to your old power company.

With winter coming, you will save more power. Since we switched to Powershop, our power bills have been very low compared to our previous power suppliers. Do not pay more this coming winter!

To find out more, or just take the plunge anyway, click on this link – https://secure.powershop.co.nz

Charles Kaluwasha



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