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Pride Lands Provides Cheaper Child Care to Immigrants and Refugee Children in Wellington

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by | on September 9, 2013


New Zealand is one of the countries that support refugees from some of the counties that experience strife and other related conflicts. On the other hand many nationalities migrate to New Zealand for various reasons, but the common one is to have a new lifestyle and enjoy life.

However, some of the refugees come with their families. In some cases, some children come without their parents; they may have been killed or captured by insurgents in their respective countries.

These families find it hard to integrate into new culture and society. The government of New Zealand takes care of these families for a short period of time. The government trains and helps them to integrate into New Zealand culture. Some of them are given opportunities to find suitable jobs according to their abilities.

Children are also given opportunities to go into schools and child care centers. Because some of the families are too large that they cannot afford to take their children to these privately run day care centers, most of them stay at home while their parents go to work.

The fact that government has other priorities, it cannot continue supporting these families for ever, these families have to work hard to take their children to school in order to build a better future for them.

Behind every fact there is a feeling if you care

Moses Ariama saw the need to help these families in terms of finding a solution to support the children. He established an organization called Pride lands. Its goal was to integrate this population into New Zealand society, particularly into early childhood schools by offering   a subsidized child care service.

The aim of the initiative was to transform the lives of these young refugee and some immigrant families by offering them a good foundation academically to match and enjoy the same privileges as the rest of New Zealand children.

This initiative has and is relieving the stress on parents and care givers of the immigrant and refugee children. Children aged five to seventeen years are supported by offering parents 50% discount of the total fee of child care fees. The other 50% is met by Pride lands through supporting partners from the Wellington Region. If you know of any family that is struggling to provide the basic education to their children in Wellington, please advise them to contact Pride land at moses@pridelands.org.nz

Pride lands have childcare facilities in all the major suburbs of Wellington where children of these immigrants and refugees come from.

Pride lands pride itself in this innovation because children who pass through their childcare centers have excelled to greater heights in their education. Reports have proven that parents feel relieved from the burden of economic stress. This gives them time to concentrate on other financial demands. Indirectly, Pride lands have taken off the governments in supporting these families and also to teach these families not to solely depend on government hand-outs.

In my opinion, I commend Moses for setting up such an amazing organization to help our brothers and sisters integrate into New Zealand. There is a saying that states, “if you want to “see” another person, listen to their heart with your heart”. This was what Moses did when he established this organization in 2009.

Empowering these young people will give them the comfort, stability, inner peace, personal satisfaction and sense of security for their future.

Organisations and stake holders are welcome to support this initiative and build a strong foundation for these young people. Contact information can be located at www.pridelands.org.nz

With Pride

Charles Kaluwasha




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