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Recovery with HydroFX-A Scientific Miracle for The Future



Recovery with HydroFX

Interview of the formulator Dr Dusan Milkovic

by Dr Howard Cohn.

January 2013


·         PhD at Belgrade University.

·         Post graduate work at Zurich University Switzerland

·         250 publications

·         20 years ago stopped “pure science” research as he wanted to discover practical solutions to  world problems. He became an inventor and now has 15 patents and 25 additional patents applied for.

·         One of his patents is for coffeeberry. (View online at www.coffeeberry.org).

·         He has always wanted to bring better health to people and says that the discovery of Recovery with HydroFX is the best discovery so far in his 50 years of research.

Natural way of keeping your body alkaline

Molecular Hydrogen

·         Molecular hydrogen acts as an antacid but this is not its major claim to fame. There are many other products that can be used as an antacid (baking soda is an example).

·         As an antioxidant, molecular hydrogen has some unique properties.


  • There are 100’s if not 1,000’s of antioxidants on the market.
  •   Some free radicals are actually needed as signalling molecules to activate our own natural antioxidant production and to stimulate the immune response.
  •  Molecular hydrogen has special SELECTIVE properties that allow it to deal with the “bad” free radicals but leave the “good” free radicals to do their jobs. This makes it a SELECTIVE ANTIOXIDANT.
  • Researched proof is available to validate these claims.

·         As an anti-inflammatory there is no scientific evidence but a clinical study, funded by 7.2 is being done and should be available in June 2013.

·         Results seen by Dr Milkovic and also in the clinic of Dr Howard Cohn suggest that there will some very positive outcomes in the study.

Recovery with HydroFX

·         It is a combination of calcium and magnesium. The special form of extra pure stabilised metallic magnesium allows for molecular hydrogen to be produced quantitatively (measureable and predictable amounts). The exact formulation is currently patent pending so we will have to wait until the patent is issued for this to be made available.

·         This formulation causes the production of negatively charged nano bubbles of molecular hydrogen. This means the system becomes full of active molecular hydrogen.

·         As it exists as a gas, it can penetrate into ALL cells including crossing the blood brain barrier.


·         It is 100% safe. Animal testing has been done where they have taken 50-100 recovery tablets per day with no adverse side effects.

·         People have taken up to 15-20 tablets per day, Dr Milkovic is 75 years old and he takes this quantity.

·         Normal dosage is 3-6 tablets daily.

·         People with colds or headache should take up to 12 per day. Headaches and migraines seem to get very rapid results.

·         Similarly with cases of low energy levels. The consumption of 5 tablets of Recovery with HydroFX will often work very quickly.

·         If it is not working, you have not taken enough or not taken for long enough.

·         Individual effects will vary depending on the person’s biology and the condition they are working on.

·         Pregnant and breast feeding women have no risk at all in taking the product.

·         There is currently a 1 year old taking a developmental “chewable tablet form” and he has a very elevated mood and plenty of energy. This indicates it is NOT a placebo.

·         The powder has been mixed with water and applied into the nasal cavity to help with colds and allergies as well as applied to joints directly for pain relief.

·         Chronic conditions may need longer to see a result.

Anti Ageing

·         We know that free radicals are linked to ageing .

·         Reducing this “bad” free radical activity should be a good strategy for life extension as well as improved quality of life.

·         It may be considered a “lifestyle” supplement as it should encourage a long life with good quality in both the physical and mental areas.


·         There is no mechanism to allow for any interactions with medications. This makes it 100% safe for people on any medications.

·         There are no contraindications for using Recovery with HydroFX.

Other Similar Products

·         Microhydrin and Hydroboost from Patrick Flanagan, produce ionic hydrogen. This not the same as molecular hydrogen.

·         It is based on a synthetic silica hydride molecule.

·         Recovery with HydroFX produces “natural” hydrogen gas.

·         Hydrogen gas is produced naturally by the bacteria in the gut. This may explain one of the reasons why having a healthy gut flora is good for your health.

·         Ionic hydrogen may be beneficial but you can decide if you would prefer a natural  product versus a synthetic molecule in your body.

Final Points

·         Molecular hydrogen is 100%  bio available, so it will act on ALL of the bodies organs.

·         You can use Recovery with HydroFX as a powder, mixed in water to apply to the skin or joints for a beneficial effect as the hydrogen will penetrate locally.

·         Healing responses are minimal and most often are coincidental with other things going on in the body.

·         Digestive problems should be improved as the increase of hydrogen will assist the good bacteria to perform better. This may result in an increase in the production of methane gas, but this is a good sign that the gut is developing new good bacteria.

·         People taking it for pain should see the improvement in their “metabolic syndrome” (diabetes, heart disease and cancer)  issues as well.


·         15 years ago the Nobel Prize for medicine was presented for the discovery of the signalling molecule nitrous oxide (NO). This discovery was BIG news in the medical establishment and has lead to a greater understanding of how our body works and many drug developments. Viagra is one of them.

·         Molecular hydrogen is another signalling molecule but has only just started to be researched in a big way. 5 years from now it will be as important as the discovery of nitrous oxide (NO).

·         The science is coming, with the potential of a Nobel Prize for the original discovery of molecular hydrogen.

·         It was Einstein who said that some people see more than others.

·         We hope you have seen what molecular hydrogen can offer to the world.

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