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Recruitment skyrockets at SFI within 6 days

Last week SFI announced some major changes in view of boosting the recruitment of New Affiliates to the organisation. The major components added to skyrocket the recruitment drive include..
1. Versa point system
2. VP rewards
3. Co-sponsorship
4. And many more to come

Since the announcement last week, SFI has seen new affiliates upgrading to executive position 10 times more than any month a 1000% increase within 6 days.
There were 60 brand new Bronze Team Leader upgrades,10 new silver team leader upgrades and 2 brand new Gold Team leaders born.
It is reported that there has been MASSIVE increase in the entire SFI network, creating an excitement to all affiliates, meaning more money into thousands of people’s pocket.
For more details, [visit the site]

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