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Hi freinds,

I want to share with you an email from Joel,the CEO of GVO who

is passionate about helping you make money with resell rights.

Joel is a man of integrity and transparency in everything he does.

Read his email he writes to his clients bellow:

Did I ever tell you that I love my J.O.B. yes I even have a job
and that job is to serve you well 🙂

I will be the first to admit that the launch of Pureleverage.com
did so well, that it did not go well LOL.. what do I mean by that?

Well it took me 5 years to get 10 000 paying clients to GVO.

Yes.. 5 whole years..


With Pureleverage.com we are just about to hit 55 000 clients
in two months, with roughly 45 000 of those coming in the
first month alone!!

You can imagine.. what that did to our server infrastructure and
our support!!!

YIKES… things got really rough there for a while with over
4000 tickets in our help desk.

Of course in hind site, I should have hired more people before the
launch of Pureleverage.com but I really maybe expected 5000
MAX new clients in month one..

45 000 is ALOT more than 5000.. and so to say this was something
VERY NEW to me and my whole team is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!

Then there were bugs.. which is no excuse but it always happens, as you
can test and test and test, but until you get in a real LIVE environment
you really don’t know all the issues you may have.

Now to the good news 🙂 ready ?

We finally have our help desk. under control and we are receiving very
few bug reports!! So with that said, here is the small challenges left


The challenge:

. When we first set up everyone’s follow up series found here in your Lead
Capture System we expected to people to modify the messages a bit to
their own “flavor” per say..

Well turns out almost no one changed them at all which caused a problem.

You see, when one user sends the same message body to hundreds of thousands
of people… NO PROBLEM…


When 45 000 different users send the exact same message body to hundreds
of thousands of users then that message body starts to get filtered as spam
by Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc..

So.. the challenge became that anyone sending different message bodies
would get very good inbox deliverability, bit those sending the same message
body as everyone else, then some of that got filtered to spam.

We are fixing that now, by separating completely the Lead Capture System
from the auto responder. Basically the LCS wills end from different IPs
than the auto responder so that we can keep EXCELLENT email deliverability.


Once we get the auto responder and the LCS separated then we will finish up
the authority blog (as promised). We simply could not release this tool with
such a huge burden on our help desk. As soon as we release it I will let you know!


I have never understood politics before, where people will say what people want
to hear rather than what is the truth. It really is an insult of a persons intelligence.

I screwed up.. BIG TIME by not having more staff ready for the launch, and the
buck stops with me! I do want to say this, during this very trying time my team
did an EXCELLENT JOB!! Unfortunately we were overwhelmed so that EXCELLENT
job did not translate onto our end clients…


Most of you… like 99% of you were very patient and very forgiving so
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I can make this promise..

Every time or anytime I SCREW UP.. I will ALWAYS make it right!! That
is an absolute guarantee. I will work tirelessly night and day to make things
right every time

And well.. things are just about close to right right now 🙂

Of course we will continue to make PureLeverage.com better and better
as like “facebook” the job will never end.. we will do the same.


Think about it…

Where else can you get 100% commission on:

>> an amazing auto responder system (aweber or getresponse pay you 20%)|
>> an amazing conference room (gotomeeting does not pay you a thing)
>> an amazing video email service (talk fusion does not come close)
>> a done for you Lead Capture System (not iwowwe)

We have just hit the $3 000 000 million dollar mark in commissions in 2 months!!

Plus as you know we are giving away a Ferrari F430 Spider in month two!

Our whole product suite of tools is only $24.95 per month.. GOD
aweber and getresponse are WAY more than that alone!!

So for just $24.95 per month you can OWN the product suite of tools
EVERYONE needs to market effectively online!

Then for just $19.97 per month you can resell our products and collect
100% commissions on ALL the tools!!

Can you say WOW!!!

, maybe you are one of those people who like to “sit back”
and see what happens… well.. don’t sit any longer because PureLeverage.com
is here to stay!!! We are the best and our value is unmatched..

If you are not yet a member click here to get started!!

If you are a member, CONGRATS on making PureLeverage.com one of the
most successful Opportunities online!!!

Sorry for this long winded email lol.. I just wanted to let you know
that I love what I do, and I am very humbled to be working for you

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO | Pureleverage.com

P.S. To Start making 100% commissions then follow these two steps:

1. Click here to own the product suite.


2. Take the one time offer to become a reseller!!

If you want to supplement your income,grab this opportunity today!

Charles Kaluwasha



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