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Review of “Layers of Leadership” Mentoring System

Layers of leadership was founded by Christy Ivkovich 17  years  ago. This program was designed to create massive exposure and massive activity for any home based business.

The program includes things  like:

  • Viral marketing website
  • Automated sponsoring tools
  • Drip marketing email campaigns
  • Personal mentoring system.

Layers of leadership has a training series that is designed to give you a clear vision of what home business success actually looks like.

Layers of leadership shows you how to laser focus attention and efforts on the right prospects.

Layers of leadership program reveals one of the key secrets not known by many marketers… how literally force duplication, resulting into growing your team faster,stronger,deeper and wider.

Layers of leadership also teaches you very specific techniques to cut your recruiting time by 95%.

You see that in this home business, anybody can carry out goals through the power of  duplication… you cannot

do it alone. Otherwise you are destined to fail miserably.

To be successful in this industry, you must always use leverage and duplication to your  advantage. This is not a new  concept, look at the business icons like Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Richard Branson, Som Wilton,Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdock and older timer Rockfellers all made their  fortunes from the effort of leverage using the efforts of 1000s of hard-working people thereby laying the foundation of leaders into your primary business.

And layers of leadership uses this concept  to help you build a team of  dedicated people, especially if you represent a good company with practical products, a health  compensation plan.

They have flawless techniques that make up a step-by-step success blue print that has been proven over and over again in this industry.

You will have the right people chasing after you especially other marketers… this is the fastest way to build a large and profitable organisation.

When I saw this concept, I did  not hesitate to sign up, in fact it was free, nothing to lose… In my first week I sponsored 30  marketers. That is cool isn’t?

Review of why  targeting marketers

Help you grow your business geometrically

They can bring large groups of people into your business all at once.


Review of layers of leadership Training

  • Layers of Leadership offers you a way to be even more successful with your primary business
  • Provides you with the key to open a dialogue with other marketers in a non-threatening environment.
  • Layers of Leadership trains you special skills to turn other marketers into long time members and leaders on your team such as, able to give you ability to give away memberships to other marketers as a way to ope a door to a relationship with them. This can amount to hundreds,thousands and even millions of free advertising for your  business.
  • You will have  a proven step-step success blue print that you can follow.

Review of Layers of Leadership  marketing tools


Earn More Money and Work Fewer Hours Automating Important Tasks & Tools

Did you know you could be leaving potential income & profit on the table by not using productivity tools?

There are only so many hours in the day and no matter how long and hard you work, there is always more work that needs to be done. With the 24/7 Layers of Leadership optional productivity tools, you can create more income, traffic and members, by working less! Yes, I said by working less!! Every successful entrepreneur knows that the more productivity can be automated, the more money they make and the less time they need to invest. Get started with the 24/7 Layers of Leadership productivity tools !

With 24/7 Layers of Leadership, you build multiple streams of residual income by simply sharing these essentials tools with others. These optional Team Building & Productivity Tools will occupy slots in your Internet Vending Machine and generate residual income for you and your team members. Each of these tools is essential for home business success and generates an extra residual income stream for you and your team members.

Productivity, Income & Automatic Enrollment Tools

Most savvy networker today understand the value of multiple streams of income. Having a diverse portfolio of profitable income streams simultaneously reduces risk and dramatically increases revenue. These productivity tools, when used with the system, also generate fully automatic enrollment and put money in the pocket of you and your team.

24/7 Interview System Automate Your Presentations & Increase Your Automated Sponsoring!

Click here and take a tour of this simple & cost-effective tool!

MLM Recruit on Demand A Simple Way To Have 3 – 5 New People Looking At Your Business Daily

Click here to access this 100% free video!

Phonevite Call Groups of People in Minutes!!

Click here to check out this simple voice broadcasting tool. »

Receive $10 in FREE BONUS minutes when purchasing premium service!

Use the following coupon code and referral address to receive your bonus:

Coupon Code: REFER10
Referrer email address: charleskaluwasha(at)gmail.com

I use these  productive tools in my business and they are  inexpensive. They  are  basic  tools but saves you time and money.

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