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Setting Goals

Setting goals should be the start of any endeavor but how many people take the time and trouble to sit down and methodically write down the steps they are going to take to achieve their goals. Little wonder so many people fail to realize their dreams.

Goals should be set for even the small things. In fact start with small goals because success here will encourage you for the bigger endeavors to come. It is a fact that small and regular success stimulates progress in life and the game of life is the first place to set your goals. Here the plan is the big picture and starts from the point you are currently at in life.

Maybe you are in your fifties and thinking towards retirement. Perhaps you are early twenties and looking forward to marriage, family and the first home. Whatever your situation put the steps to your goal down on paper. In effect these are your life goals. Then within this bigger picture each step may require its own set of goals.

Setting goals can be stimulating and hugely rewarding when they are achieved. As in everything in life there are things that seem utterly impossible. However, if you break them down into smaller steps it is amazing how easily you progress to your ultimate goal. Like the old joke that asks, how do you eat an elephant? The answer is, eat one mouthful at a time.

Some of the more important goals you will set can be summarized as achieving a healthy, happy lifestyle and this can include building wealth, having happy personal relationships and planning towards retirement.

The two main areas for many people are financial goals and personal happiness goals and in many ways these interlink. Although having money will not necessarily make you happy and being happy and content may not lead to having enough money to live on when you retire.

Goals make it clear to you what it is that you desire long term. Ideas change over time and goals can be upgraded and extended but generally the original themes remain constant. We all want enough money and we all want to be happy.

Without goals we can drift and allow ourselves to be led down life’s blind alleys where it can be difficult to regain your original momentum. You can vegetate in a low grade job only to wake up and find you are sixty years of age and stuck in that job until you retire, while younger colleagues are progressing to better positions.

Drifting in life is being unjustifiably content with second best and having no drive and desire to improve. It is a form of paralysis that drains life ambition from you. Goals are the footholds that allow you to rise from this apathetic state and attain the lofty heights of your earlier ambition. Setting goals are imperative to success in life and in business. Dream your dreams and set your goals. Now is a good time to start.
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