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Setting Up A Blog To Earn An Income From Home

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Setting Up A Blog To Make Money At Home

Using a blog to build an income from home is one of the easiest ways of earning online. Although you can use absolutely free systems such as Blogger to construct and host your blog, I like better self hosting a blog seeing that here is further choice in how you can use adverts to earn the all vital income.

My fondness is for WordPress for the actual blog package. To begin with though you want to sort hosting and there are countless dependable hosts for this that can host your website without charging you too much.

Take a look at the prices of some hosts and decide on a suitable package. Then register a domain name. It’s a good idea if you can use some of the preferred keywords in your domain name when you register it, but it’s not vital. Remember that you are hoping that people will click on the link in search engines, so absolutely difficult to understand and extensive domain names will put people off clicking.

Once you have done this then you should to go to WordPress, or your chosen provider, and download the software. With WordPress this is a couple of clicks away. Then just unzip the file, most computers can deal with this quite easily.

Follow the advice to make a handful changes to the configuration file and then load it to your hosting. You website host will provide simple advice here, and maybe even the necessary software. Else just use Internet Explorer to upload the files, it’s unproblematic enough, especially for a one off.

Once you have you domain name registered and hosted and the site uploaded, then it is time to initiate the blog. Once more, follow the directives and it is simple and easy to do.

So now that you have a blog setup, all that is left is to get writing, exchange a number of links with other sites and keep your fingers crossed that traffic will get there. Once traffic is arriving you can use systems such as Google Adsense to make an income, or when you are writing with reference to a specific subject matter or item you can push the item affiliate selling and any sales generated through your blog will get you an income. Or there’s Pay Per Post schemes whereby advertisers pay you for talking about their products. They are paying you for the exposure on your site to your readers and for the search engine benefits that also come in hand with that.

There’s lots of ways to bring in a home income with a blog. Visit my blog for more work from home ideas.

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4 Responses to Setting Up A Blog To Earn An Income From Home

  1. sandiego real estate October 31, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    Using a blog to build an income from home is one of the easiest ways of earning online. Iam a blogger myself and I totally agree with this.

    • Charles Kaluwasha October 31, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

      Yes it is when you know how to monetize your blog. We have seen some bloggers who start with enthusiasm but when they do not start earning money, they give up. One must have a passion for what you are doing, otherwise you will just waste your time.
      Thank you for your contribution!
      ~ Charles

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