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SevenPoint2 Australian Alkaline Movement


We have seen record setting growth of the Australian Alkaline Movement over the past week and the World is noticing… 


 72 globe

The Owners of the company have scheduled a special call you and  your family, friends and for the people who have been told about SevenPoint2.

If you want to make your body health and make money by sharing this information, watch a business opportunity presentation first so that you can be totally prepared to move to the next step.  See the following video: 



Then once you have watched a business presentation… or at least the wake up call (link below)…


When you are ready to  join the movement and improve your body and financial status ….

Register at this link


Charles Kaluwasha

Sevenpoint2 The Alkaline Company

M: 0467 807 744
North America
S: lifeonthenet7


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