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SevenPoint2 Testimonial Series – Pain relief after Spinal Fusion Surgery

Hello Everyone… another fantastic testimonial from a woman in the US who became addicted to pain killers after surgery on her back, but found relief with recovery with HydroFX.

Listen to how this Sevenpoint2 customer found relief from her chronic pain and numbness, and was able to end her addiction to prescription painkillers with the SevenPoint2 products.  Carrie suffered from a herniated disc and underwent a spinal fusion surgery that resulted in numbness and continued pain.  Her pain was gone after only 30 days and after 90 days her numbness also disappeared.  As an added bonus, here husband lost 40 Lbs

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Call Transcript

Carrie: It is a movement that is making waves and     ripples across the world are really helping a lot of people without alkalizing for better health. We are  extremely grateful to the owners of the company Dr. Howard Collin and Jason Briggs for putting this together and creating an alkalizing product line that has done a major, major  thing for improving people’s health. And just a little housecleaning, we don’t make any medical claims, our products are not designed to cure anything but we do have some fantastic results by allowing the body to use the existing tools, hopefully, to help heal itself, if you will, or help treat itself to becoming in a better optimal health situation. So alkalinity is one of those  best-kept secrets that currently I found to be something that made a huge difference in my life. A  few years back I had been, pretty much addicted to pain pills was pretty frustrated that Norco was my friend, well I thought it was my friend, but all it did was mask the symptoms I had. I had some pretty bad herniation’s in my spine and had a lot of pain. Even went through a surgery and had that spinal fusion done. Even though I had that surgery done it did not resolve my pain issues and I had a lot of numbness in my hands and my arm always hurt and we went to doctor after doctor and still nobody ever talked to me about alkalizing for better health. And my body was so inflamed I didn’t know what I could do to solve the problems that I was dealing with.   And I had multiple diagnoses and guesswork from multiple doctors and still no result. So we got a call in December of 2011 from a good friend of ours, Jerry Broder, and along with that Dr. Howard Collin who we’ve known for about 18 years and he started talking to us about alkalinity. And we did the research and we were discovering that we had no clue about   the difference between being acidic and being alkalized. When we started using the SevenPoint2 product lines our lives changed drastically. My pain went from a pain level of 10 to a 5 in about two weeks just by using two of our amazing products: our alkalizing green drink, our {inaudible 2:28} and our SevenPoint2 Recovery with HydroFX. Those two-parts made a huge difference for me and within 30 days that pain was gone. I wasn’t taking pain pills anymore and after 90 days of using just the normal dose, my numbness disappeared. So for me it was very life-changing and we’re just so grateful that Dr. Cohn put this together for us and for everybody to take advantage of and we’ll talk more about the product more here in a little bit.

I would also love to share with you my husband’s story. This gentleman was over 40 pounds overweight for the majority of his life, especially his adult life, and has always been fluffy, I like to say. He started using the SevenPoint2 products that I was using and within 90 days he lost over 30 pounds. So the key is alkalizing. We need products that are whole food. SevenPoint2 is a five-star cleanse that we have right now and they’re just simple to use and their allowing the body to treat itself, if you will, to get the nutrition and the anti-inflammatory help from whole green foods etc. That’s an amazing thing so the same thing that help me lose my pain, the same thing helped him lose his weight and we’re just eternally grateful for Dr. Cohn for simulating this product line and how he made such a difference – not just in our lives but many people’s lives.

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