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Making money with SFI is as simple as 1,2,3 if you treat it as a business not a hobby. One of the six figure earners in SFI,Robert Bercume gives us an over view how you can make it to a team leader:

Let’s assume that you’re an EA (Executive Affiliate) with SFI. If you sell just 18 packs of 50 TCredits a month, you’ll earn about $75 in Direct Commissions, plus 12,492 VP (VersaPoints) each month. Keep in mind that if you’re selling TCredits for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, many of your customers may buy multiple packs every month, or even weekly or daily. Hence, you may only need to attract a handful of good customers to easily generate $100-$200 month after month after month! Double your monthly sales to just 35 packs of 50 TCredits (just over one sale a day) and you’ll earn $148.83 in Direct Commissions, plus 24,290 VP (VersaPoints) each month. Bottom line: Pricebenders customers will often create the sweetest kind of income there is?residual?and tons of VP for you!

By the way, note that just 1,500 VP makes you an EA, so selling just three 50 TCredit bundles a month maintains your EA rank every month without ever buying anything.

There are other ways your income can grow too.

Serious customers, especially those who have discovered how much fun Pricebenders auctions can be, for example, will see the per-TCredit value of buying 200-packs instead of 50-packs (reducing their per bid cost by 24%?from $.42 per TCredit down to just $.32 each). You’ll earn $9.96 and 1,661 VP for each 200-pack they buy.

Of course, will all that VP, you won’t be an EA for long. In fact, you’ll probably be a Team Leader (which requires just 3,000 VP), so you can be earning lucrative matching VersaPoints now too. PLUS?as a Team Leader, you’ll automatically earn a share of tens of thousands of valuable “second home” CSAs each month, too!

How easy is it to promote pricebenders?

Check this out:


Best Regards,

Charles Kaluwasha
SFI affiliate


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