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In March 2016, many of us  invested some shares by purchasing silver packs at the  cost of $25 each and when it matures you are  paid $30  making a profit of $5 per pack. The more  you purchase, the more  you  earn.
There are  some guys in Click Intensity who purchased  4000 silver packs  when this company was launched in March, today  they are earning more than $300,000 per  month.
I guess this is a good  investment, may be better  than any  bank out  there.
And it is  not a complicated process. All you have to do is open up a free account, purchase your packs from $25 to any amount, depending on your  budget.
Then complete simple  tasks(10) everyday to get paid every 30 minutes, 24/7 and boom, your  account gets  fatter  every month by reinvesting the profits (compounding interest)
Below is a snap short of my account, showing total packs purchased and my  revenue  share for 3 months to prove to you that it is working for many ordinary people like you.
Total Purchases
Total Earned
$ 509.66


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