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Sick of solicitation?

I don’t know about you, but I’m completely exhausted from having people friend me on Facebook or Linkedin (which is fine unto itself), and then immediately hit me up to be their client. There’s a common saying that to decide to work with someone, we have to know, like, and trust them – which usually isn’t instantaneous.

Yesterday, yet another unsolicited offer put me over the edge. So This person just requested a friendship on one o the social media platform. We haven’t known each other but as soon as I accepted, he threw his offer to me. Does this happen to you too?

Many people are sick of it…

My friend Jonathan had a similar solicitation and wrote this poem. I hope it inspires you. If you like it, feel free to share.

A Prospect
I’m on the book of faces,
i’m linking in,
or maybe chirping about tweets
and You appear
with your wit, your wisdom,
your gifts to the world:
“3 steps to financial abundance”
something amazing, magical, wondrous –
a free consultation
today is my lucky day
to have your wisdom grace my inbox
or divinely manifest in Messenger
you caught me off guard
i was just remembering someone dear to me who, last week,
i was preoccupied thinking about
my bills to pay
that friend i’m struggling with
the state of our country
a chronic health condition i’d rather not name
and a thousand other concerns
most of which swim just beneath the surface
and then you appear on my screen
with a generous gift
a caring, loving inquiry:
what is my #1 single biggest frustration in regards to generating sales conversations
or a magnanimous offer
FREE admission to a virtual client generation bootcamp
a foolproof system for getting clients

and a request to stay in touch
by joining your newsletter
but you don’t inquire about mine
I am not your prospect
or, as my wise friends miriam and webster say,
“the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring”
oh yes, i am indeed A prospect
a Possibility
it’s possible that today i will die
and someday i will
and so will you
thoughts will cease
hearts will stop
your flesh will fall off
and your legacy, no matter how grand, will fade away
i know you want to make money
it’s cool
i get that
we both need to, right
but when you hit me up for a discovery session 
without first trying to discover anything about me
or sharing even a glimpse of your soul
i quickly turn away
Know you have caught me in the middle of my day, and
Like others you meet, I’m in my own world – so visit mine before inviting me to yours. And
Trust me enough to speak to me from your heart.
i am not your lead
but you can follow mine
ask me to dance
notice how i move
hear the music to which i sway
and you might just sway me
before we get down to business
let’s get up the courage
to remember we’re both human
and vulnerable
and want to be seen
speak to me of your heart
and i will show you mine
let us return to
the heart of things

© 2019 Jonathan Bender
 Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA
Expert Speaking and Performance Coach
Founder, The Performance of Your Life and WholeSpeak, LLC

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