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Simple Steps On Goal setting


Source:Diane Corriette
Membership Manager

With all the information available online and offline through
books on goal setting you would think it was some mega topic
that needed an MBA in order to set goals that you achieve.

I believe in simplicity and I also believe that goal setting and
planning (another thing you either love or hate) are important.

If you know you want to make $50 a day in the next six months
you have something to work towards. You have a purpose and a
reason to sit down and work on your business, develop products
for your business and market your business.

Your goals don’t have to be huge. Begin by setting goals for the
next 7 days

1. Write 2 articles and add them to article directory
2. Write 3 blog posts this week
3. Send out invitations to my free teleseminar
4. Comment on at least 10 blogs
5. Look in the forums I belong to and contribute where I can

A nice simple set of 5 goals you want to achieve in the week.
Then you just go ahead and get them done.

This is goal setting basic level style of course because what
you really need is a long term vision that feeds into a shorter
term vision that has monthly targets set for which you have
weekly goals…..!!!!!

But it is still a start. If you are not used to setting goals
for yourself having this list and getting them down is at least
It will keep you focused.

Other wise you will find yourself reading emails for 3 hours,
spending time chatting on IM for 30 minutes, watching videos on
youtube before logging off and going to bed.

Then 3 months down the line you wonder why you are not getting
anywhere with your business or making any money.

So start by setting yourself small reachable targets and build
from there. Once you are in the habit of doing this you will
notice that it makes a huge difference to your productivity

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